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Unearthing Heavenly Delights at the Church Garden

8 GoodGymers made their way 1.8km to help the Friends of St Botolphs Church in Worthing.

  • Gillybean
  • Belinda Robinson
  • Sarah
  • Barbara Barrett
  • John Robinson
  • Worthing runner
  • Sue
Monday, 5th of June 2023

Location: St. Botolph's Church Garden, Worthing

Weather: Beautiful evening with loads of sunshine

Tonights Volunteers Belinda John Gillybean

Belinda and John (Mr. and Mrs. R), Gill, Barbara, Ricky, Sarah, Barbara and me !

Our amazing team of volunteers embarked on our second spring visit to St. Botolph's Church Garden, and what a delight it was! The weather couldn't have been more perfect for our horticultural escapades, and the mood was as sunny as the skies above. Armed with our forks and gloves, and a playful spirit, we set out to tackle the weeding and planting tasks that awaited us.

**Congratulations Ricky

Huge congratulations to Ricky for 10K togther with Jay and also Sue W who was 2nd in her age group.

The Playful Banter

As soon as we arrived at the garden, a wave of good vibes and risqué conversations engulfed the air. It seemed that the vibrant atmosphere had sparked a contagious playfulness in all of us. Who knew that weeding and planting could be such a hilarious affair especially wherever Barbara was!

The Lovely Surroundings

St. Botolph's Church Garden was a sight to behold, with its natural beauty and engaging atmosphere under the careful guidance of Rik and Val.

The Weeding Extravaganza

Our first task was to tackle the weeding in several beds and areas that needed some tender loving care. Armed with determination and a competitive spirit, we split into smaller groups, each vying to be the fastest and most thorough weeding team. Amidst the pulling, digging, and occasional accidental plant uprooting, we managed to transform the unkempt patches into tidy beds, ready for a fresh start.

The Planting Bonanza

With the weeding complete, it was time to bring life back to the garden through planting. We had quite a diverse selection of plantings planned for the evening. There was rosemary, foxglove, lavender, verbena, salvia, and sunflowers were on our list. As we carefully dug holes and planted the young plants into the ground, we couldn't help but imagine how the garden would transform into a vibrant oasis of blooms and fragrances in the days to come.

Laughter and Joy

Ah, the mischievous duo of Belinda and John! Their playful antics never fail to entertain. During our time at St. Botolph's Church Garden, we witnessed a comical incident involving Belinda and a rather unsuspecting green bin. With a mischievous glint in her eye, Belinda decided to show off her stomping skills and attempted to give the green bin a good stomp. Little did she know that her aim was a tad off, and instead of landing her foot on the bin, she hilariously missed and stumbled into an impromptu dance move. The laughter that followed was infectious!

Gill and My Seamless Moment

Not to be outdone, Gill and I had our own playful moment, although with a touch more grace in execution. As we were busy weeding and planting, an opportunity for mischief presented itself. A foot up and Gill was in! With a playful piggy back out of the bin we decided to repeat the process again one more time!

These light-hearted moments added an extra layer of joy and camaraderie to our gardening adventure. It's these spontaneous and playful interactions that make our time together truly memorable. As we reflect on our experiences at St. Botolph's Church Garden, we can't help but cherish these amusing incidents that brought us closer as a team and further fueled the jovial atmosphere of the evening. After all, gardening is not just about the plants; it's about creating lasting memories and sharing laughs with friends.


Our second visit to St. Botolph's Church Garden was an absolute success. With a playful mood and a dedicated team, we managed to weed and transform several beds, and planted a variety of beautiful flowers and herbs that will surely bloom into a kaleidoscope of colors. As we bid farewell to the garden, we carried with us the memories of a sunny evening filled with laughter, camaraderie, and a shared love for gardening. Until our next adventure, let's keep those green thumbs busy and our spirits as playful as ever!

Seafront flowerbed planting is happening this Sunday - More details to follow.

Have a great week :)

Julia xx

Report written by JULIA GLEESON

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I love the concept of getting physically and mentally fit whilst combining it with helping others. I run most days.

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