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13 runners ran on a training session in Tower Hamlets.

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  • Aine Hester
Monday, 16th of November 2020
Led by Laura Williams

"It's 6:56. Obviously no one's feeling very sociable this evening," I said to John and Chi last night.

"Let me check my 'phone just in case."

Background: GG TH were opening their virtual doors for a pre-workout social. With doors at 6:45, the event had been sounded out, and the response good. So it was a bit of a mystery 11 minutes after the start time, Chi, John and I were still checking out one another's front rooms.

I casually picked my 'phone up 'just in case', forgetting it was on Do Not Disturb, only to find a flurry of activity on the WhatsApp group; a missed call from co-host Becs, as it appeared I'd sent out a link to my personal waiting room instead of a link to the session. #youhadonejob

After a reassuring smile and accompanying laughter from an exceedingly forgiving crowd, the group proceeded to run through 30 minutes of mobility, flexibility and core work. This is the thing about GGers: you turn around and look at your screen, and every rep is perfect; every stretch taken seriously, every abs exercise attempted to the max. It's a JOY to teach GoodGymers fitness. And that's what they did last night: whizzed through a diverse repertoire of Pilates matwork, running-related static stretches and a little glute and core work, "because it's for the best."

The next generation of Group Runs

After finishing with some fully body relaxation, we proceeded to slowly make our way back to the lens to have that social, where we covered everything from tasks coming up; the next Crisis instalment and - dun-dun-dun - the next generation Group Run! With some dynamic, exciting input (ranging from "I want it to be like it was before!" * to *"Let's have track sessions!", it gave an Area Activator so much food for thought when lining up the next phase of our wonderful togetherness).

Anyone for a get-together?

And then we moved onto the social where co-host Becs (and organiser of tonight's theme) picked up the baton and came up with some wonderful ideas, ranging from safe, approriate options for when we're allowed to meet together again, to a viable, fun online alternative, with input from the whole team, including Aine who shared some vaulable current experience.

And so we all left feeling a bit stretched, a bit worked, and a lot together. Whether online or knee-deep in gardening, you all, always, rock.

And the great big shout-outs of the night go to:

  • Chi for clocking there was probably a link issue.

  • Becs, for:

  • Picking tonight's workout theme

  • Co-hosting the event

  • Flagging the link issue and liaising with the WhatsApp crew

  • Manning the waiting room

  • Picking up the social baton

  • Taking pics

  • Sending pics while making bechamel sauce

See you all very, very soon!

Report written by Laura Williams

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Becs Clarke
Becs Clarke
Wednesday November 18th, 2020 09:30

❤️❤️ Thank you for a great fitness session and lovely report!

Laura Williams
Laura Williams
Sunday November 22nd, 2020 14:13

Thank YOU! See you very soon!

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