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Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Helping clear Weaver's Adventure Playground

Sat 10 Apr 11:00 am
Weavers Adventure Playground, Viaduct Street, London, E2 0BH
The playground needs a few pairs of GoodGym hands following recent construction work...

What we'll be doing

  • We're heading back to Weaver's Adventure Playground this weekend to help Alex start the lengthy process of clearing up, after some playground construction work.

Tasks may include filling skips, helping break up large poles of wood, painting and constructing decking.

The report!

  • We're looking for story tellers, pun pros and photographers for the report from this activity. Do feel free to try your hand at crafting the report post Community Mission. And it can be a team effort too!

Need to cancel?

  • We very much hope you'll be able to make it, but if anything changes after you've signed up, please un-sign as soon as possible to free up your place for someone else (we normally have a team of 15-20 at Weavers, but we're reducing numbers at this crucial time). Thank you!
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Aine Hester went on a community mission
Community mission

Packing a punch in the fight against homelessness

Sat 6 Mar
Report written by Penelope Terras

Stock checking and wrapping pallets in clingfilm ready for clothes to go into storage was a good team effort. Most novel and fun was using the pallet trolley.

Thank you Penny

A message from Sharon Was a pleasure to lead this task. Was a suprise to get the message that Crisis needed more help as had previously been told our mission was complete and Richard had the help he needed for final sort and packing. It seems Richard was let down but he knew who to call !.

Hilary,Chris and Graham arrived first and set to work packing away the last off the office stationary and repairing the door on a mobile library.

Kevin and I arrived and after a quick catch up with Richard he set us to work sorting out the boxes and bags of many boxes with various items of clothes that needed to be counted,boxed,labelled,stack and wrapped. Thankfully Penelope arrived to give us a hand closely followed by Aine and Jennifer

After lunch Ryan joined the gang (yes a Prince family outing) along with Hilary and Graham who had the stationary sorted.

Was great team work to get the boxes sorted and stacked,hopefully with the final push from the Sunday Mission all the clothes with be stacked and wrapped ready to go in storage ready for Crisis at Christmas 2021

Congratulations to Jennifer and Ryan on completing a 6 month mission streak and Kevin on a 12 month streak

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Community mission

CRISIS - The Saturday Session

Sat 6 Mar 10:00 am
Crisis at Christmas Warehouse, Leven Road, Poplar, London, E14 0LL
And we're BACK for a March special...

We return to the warehouse for one final push helping the team empty the premises for as they prepare to leave the building...

Tasks may include:

  • Stock-taking.
  • Helping with redistribution.
  • DIY


  • On arrival, you need to complete the sign-in book to your right as you arrive in the loading bay.

  • ...Then grab a hi-vis vest.

  • ...And sanitise your hands.

  • Wait for Richard, our project coordinator, to come and collect you (Richard will be doing regular 'sweeps' of this area to come and collect GoodGymers, so sit tight and chat to fellow runners - keeping your distance from one another!).

Health and Safety

  • You need to bring your own gloves to wear.

  • You need to bring a face covering and when you're working in an indoor area, you will need to wear your face covering.

  • The warehouse gets chilly. Please wear plenty of layers.

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Aine Hester went on a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Lunch Leafletting on the Ocean Estate!

Mon 30 Nov
Report written by Emdad Rahman

We are back on the lunch hour trail and got a nice pep talk from two welcome visitors in the shape of two police horses today before getting our shift underway.

Today a leafleting task up in Stepney for Trapped in Zone One Ocean Youth Connexions to promote excellent FREE provision for females aged 8-18 in Tower Hamlets. I went to school locally and coached in the area for years. I know locals will appreciate having a local facility supporting the girls.

Trapped in Zone One in partnership with Ocean Youth Connexions are hosting Club Zone One - for Girls Only.

This programme offers FREE after-school provision (adhering to all Covid-19 guidance) for young females aged 8-18, providing fitness and mentoring support to improve the health and wellbeing of young people from Tower Hamlets.

It seems pretty simple but in a locality where female engagement is generally low this was an important task to help raise awareness of the excellent activities on offer for young girls to benefit from in a safe and friendly environment.

This simple task could end up with great results.

Beats a cold sandwich at the desk any day!

This is going to be a difficult winter all round so advance thanks to everyone sacrificing their time to support their neighbourhood.

It was great to have Laura greet us! You are all an inspiring bunch.

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Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Walk-and-Drop: flyering for Youth Sports Provision project

Mon 30 Nov 12:30 pm
Coral House, Harford St , London, E1 4SJ
Come and get some fresh air for this short Monday lunchtime task.

Come and spend a short Monday lunchtime with Becs and Bablu, who'll be guiding you around the local area helping to spread the word about this youth fitness project.

What you need to know

  • 12.30pm: Meet outside Ocean Youth Connexions (in front of Coral House, Harford St, London E1 4SJ).
  • 12:35pm: Make way around estate and local area chatting, walking and spreading the youth fitness word!
  • 1.30pm: Slow cheerio and disperse!
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Training session
Tower Hamlets

Chat & Stretch

Mon 23 Nov 18:45 pm
Your Home, Wherever , H0M 3
Come for a pre-workout chat (or just the workout!) in this convenient Monday evening activity.

As we see in the final laps of our second Enhanced Lockdown, we'll be getting together for another short front room fitness session, to keep us all flexible, strong and connected.

This session is open to all GoodGymers - you do not need to be a Tower Hamlets member or even a regular GoodGymer to attend! It's a fitness session for all.


  • 6:45pm doors and hellos.
  • 7pm Stretching, mobility and traditional Pilates matwork exercise session, taught by Area Activator Laura.
  • 7.30pm Slow cheerio, including fitness and GoodGym questions.

Zoom link for sessions is here

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Aine Hester went on a training session
Training session
Tower Hamlets

The Weakest Link

Mon 16 Nov
Report written by Laura Williams

"It's 6:56. Obviously no one's feeling very sociable this evening," I said to John and Chi last night.

"Let me check my 'phone just in case."

Background: GG TH were opening their virtual doors for a pre-workout social. With doors at 6:45, the event had been sounded out, and the response good. So it was a bit of a mystery 11 minutes after the start time, Chi, John and I were still checking out one another's front rooms.

I casually picked my 'phone up 'just in case', forgetting it was on Do Not Disturb, only to find a flurry of activity on the WhatsApp group; a missed call from co-host Becs, as it appeared I'd sent out a link to my personal waiting room instead of a link to the session. #youhadonejob

After a reassuring smile and accompanying laughter from an exceedingly forgiving crowd, the group proceeded to run through 30 minutes of mobility, flexibility and core work. This is the thing about GGers: you turn around and look at your screen, and every rep is perfect; every stretch taken seriously, every abs exercise attempted to the max. It's a JOY to teach GoodGymers fitness. And that's what they did last night: whizzed through a diverse repertoire of Pilates matwork, running-related static stretches and a little glute and core work, "because it's for the best."

The next generation of Group Runs

After finishing with some fully body relaxation, we proceeded to slowly make our way back to the lens to have that social, where we covered everything from tasks coming up; the next Crisis instalment and - dun-dun-dun - the next generation Group Run! With some dynamic, exciting input (ranging from "I want it to be like it was before!" * to *"Let's have track sessions!", it gave an Area Activator so much food for thought when lining up the next phase of our wonderful togetherness).

Anyone for a get-together?

And then we moved onto the social where co-host Becs (and organiser of tonight's theme) picked up the baton and came up with some wonderful ideas, ranging from safe, approriate options for when we're allowed to meet together again, to a viable, fun online alternative, with input from the whole team, including Aine who shared some vaulable current experience.

And so we all left feeling a bit stretched, a bit worked, and a lot together. Whether online or knee-deep in gardening, you all, always, rock.

And the great big shout-outs of the night go to:

  • Chi for clocking there was probably a link issue.

  • Becs, for:

  • Picking tonight's workout theme

  • Co-hosting the event

  • Flagging the link issue and liaising with the WhatsApp crew

  • Manning the waiting room

  • Picking up the social baton

  • Taking pics

  • Sending pics while making bechamel sauce

See you all very, very soon!

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Aine Hester went on a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

(Fork)Lifting Everyone’s Spirits

Sat 14 Nov
Report written by Laura Williams

And so it was a full house on this afternoon's Crisis session.

Teams were yet again dispatched throughout the building, with squads scrubbing the soon-to-be medical room within an inch of its life; building the call centre (including knocking down doorways); pallets being cut and assembled, new flooring prepped ready to be laid, and the outdoor cleaning and clearing went on late into the afternoon...

Yet more amazing work.

Yep, was a very busy site, with GoodGymers working tirelessly and carefully with Crisis staff, putting a wide variety of skill sets from engineering to gardening to very good use. Thanks to everyone for putting in a big Saturday effort (and to Peter for sending some great pics).

And the brilliant Ray (Ray is a longstanding Crisis volunteer, who's been doing this for seven years) continued to whizz around on the fork lift, overseeing and caring for our GoodGymers outside. Oh, and I got to the bottom of his 'RayRay' name: given by the Crisis team, as he does everything twice as quick as everyone else.

Well, what a day at the warehouse. And so, 'till...TUESDAY! When we'll be back at the usual Tuesday time of 6.30pm, to continue the countdown prep.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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Training session
Tower Hamlets

Chat & Stretch

Mon 16 Nov 18:45 pm
Your Home, Wherever , H0M 3
Come and have a natter and a stretch out.

Come and join Area Activator Laura for a quick hello and some soothing INDOORphins. This online class will involve a little bit of socialising, a few mat moves and a lot of stretching.

What the session will involve

  • Doors 6:45pm
  • 6:45pm-7pm Hello's: meeting new and old faces.
  • 7pm-7:30pm Dynamic stretching, Pilates matwork moves, static stretching.
  • 7:30-7:45pm Chat, GG catch-up...slow cheerio.


  • A mat
  • Music (optional)
  • Your lovely self

How to access

  • This session will be held on Zoom, and you can get the link for it here.

Who can come?

  • This session is for all GoodGymers: you don't need to be a Tower Hamlets regular to join. In fact, we'd love to take this opportunity to meet GoodGymers from all over the country!

  • You can join for as little or much as you like: you're welcome to log on at 6:59 if you just fancy the workout!

Any queries, contact Laura at

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Community mission
Tower Hamlets

CRISIS - The Christmas Community Mission: The Saturday Sessions

Sat 14 Nov 14:00 pm
Crisis at Christmas Warehouse, Leven Road, Poplar, London, E14 0LL
As the warehouse operation moves forward, we join the Crisis team for our Saturday afternoon session!

Background as to why this Community Mission is taking place

Crisis need help preparing their Christmas logisitcal hub.

They have bundles of support from organisations and companies wanting to be involved with their Christmas provisions, but they do still need a few pairs of local, experienced volunteers to help get the warehouse ready in time.

What you will be doing

This Saturday we'll be joining Richard in prepping the warehouse for more of the basics: the installation of the medical centre, the call centre and some delivery assistance...

Health and Safety: What You Need to Know Before Signing-Up

  • You need to bring your own gloves to wear.

  • You need to bring a face covering and although this is a vast area, when you're working in an indoor area here, you will need to wear your face covering.

  • The warehouse gets chilly. Please wear plenty of layers.

  • MOST IMPORTANT: We have to adhere to strict number caps on sign-up,but Crisis DO need 20 GoodGymers. PLEASE UN-SIGN IF YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS ACTIVITY CLOSER TO THE TIME. If you un-sign, someone else waiting for a place on this activity then gets notified a spot has become free.

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