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Helping Margaret get Hollybush Gardens ready for a competition: Part II

Mon 28 Jun 18:30 pm
Rocky Park (Hollybush Estate), Stockton House, Ellsworth Street, London, E2 0AY
We're heading to Hollybush this evening for a productive hour in a final blast to get the gardens looking gorgeous .

What you need to know

  • The tasks this evening may consist of weeding, last minute clearing, planting...

  • Please bring your own gloves, if you have them.

  • We have allowed an hour for this task, but you're welcome to stay longer if there's still work to be done!

  • This task runs alongside tonight's fitness activity on neighbouring Middleton Green at 7:45pm. You can come and join one or both activities this evening!

Need to cancel?

  • Please sign and un-sign accordingly! (Margaret checks in before the task to see how many GoodGym members she can expect, and what preparation she needs to do). Thank you!
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Aine Hester went on a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

The Lawn Identity

Mon 21 Jun
Report written by Laura Williams

We gathered in Weavers Fields for our mini fitness session this evening. The sky was grey, the wind was present, the temperature was October-worthy. But it didn't rain. #winning

After whizzing through 15 quick minutes of body weight, park bench and running exercises we made our way to VCSA (Vallance Community Sports Association) to meet our group of participants for this evening's task.

We kicked off with a couple of talks, about getting into the fitness industry, and about GoodGym. We loved hearing Ivo talk GoodGym: How it Started (many of tonight's GG members are new, and they loved hearing about the early beginnings).

We moved to our Q&A where participants Charlie and Nimrha took the floor to ask us what we get out of fitness; GoodGym, and a little bit more about the kind of stuff we get up to. It was good to hear members chatting about their own GoodGym experiences, from entering half marathons for the first time, to digging holes in community gardens and making friends.

Ground Force

We then headed out to the garden, to rake up a lot of grass; pack up a discarded gazebo and, much to our delight, get stuck into a last minute Buddleia cull.

Not a fan of the Buddleia, then?

Yes, Jamie from Spitalfields City Farm swung by to collect the tools he'd loaned the Centre for the evening, took one look at the poor, overbearing Buddleia and asked, "Why don't you have a crack at this? It's obscuring your light. Not to mention that beautiful Silver Birch."

And down it went. The Buddleia Bunch (Jamie, Ivo and Nimrha) wasted no time in hacking through branches and branches, and before we knew it, the Buddleia was no more. It was quite a site.

"So not much of the Buddleia left, even with its huge draw for the butterfly?", a wide-eyed Ivo asked Jamie as we stacked branches by the fence.

Jamie stood firm: "It'll grow back in no time, and just look at that light."

Then it was gone half eight, and the team were packing away. A really cracking start to the week.

The shout-outs

Well done to everyone, particularly Bablu for fantastic planning and organisation.

...To Ivo, for a great talk; for helping to lift everyone's spirits.

And to the stars of the evening, Charlie and Nimrha, who had no idea their evening was going to resemble an episode of Ground Force, so kudos to them both for befriending the lopper like they did.

And to everyone else: the team who came, contributed, filled bag after bag of cut grass and did what we do best.

Until next time.

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Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Heading to Vallance Community Sports Association to chat to programme participants, and help tidy the outdoor space.

Mon 21 Jun 18:45 pm
Hason Raja Centre, 117 Vallance Road, London, E1 5BW
Come and enjoy a full-on evening of interaction and activity at this vibrant Community sports centre.

We're heading to Vallance Community Sports Association, following a quick Monday night cobweb-clearing workout in Weavers fields, to join the participants of the Safer Together Through Sport programme.

Why are you needed?

  • Participants want to hear about volunteering and/or your career: How volunteering benefits your CV; what you get out of it, how it's benefited your career...

  • We'll be working with programme participants to clear the green space outside, so it can be used for the summer (and we may also enjoy a little litter-picking too...).

  • Even if you don't think you'll have much to comment on, your presence will be much appeciated, simply by joining the team to listen to a talk, and say hello to some new faces.

Evening timetable

  • 6:45pm Meet by Vallance Road entrance to Weavers Fields for optional quick Monday mood-boosting workout.
  • 7pm Make our way to Vallance Community Sports Association (you can meet us here if not coming to the workout).
  • 7:15pm GoodGym talks + Q&A.
  • 7: 45pm Head to outdoor spaces for tasks!
  • 8:30 pm Cheerios, and close.
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Social rounders

Sun 27 Jun 10:00 am
The Hub , Victoria Park, London, E9 7DD
Come and enjoy a friendly game of rounders in Victoria Park

An open invitation to all good gymers to join us for a social game of rounders in Victoria Park. Please feel free to bring friends. We'll be meeting outside the Hub Cafe in the middle of the park and then will be moving on to set up the game nearby. Afterwards you'll be welcome to join us for a coffee at the café (card only). Organised by Aine Hester with support from Stephen.

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Aine Hester went on a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

New kids on the (hem)lock

Sun 6 Jun
Report written by Becs Clarke

Part two of the epic Hemlock removal saga!

10 GoodGym runners, Tunde, and several volunteers from the lovely Friends of Meath Gardens met to tackle the Disney villainous poison parsley (Hemlock) that covered a large proportion of the grassy area near to the canal at Meath.

After tackling one side of the path in a terrible downpour a couple of weeks prior (please see report here if you're interested to know more about this murderous plant), we met to attack the much larger area of Hemlock on the other side of the path, except this time we were armed with spades, forks, secateurs, and sunshine.

We got straight stuck in with hacking away, trying to cut as close to the roots as possible before the plant goes to seed, so that it is unable to grow again. A hefty workout, grunts were heard all round, mixed with cheers as clearings started to appear where we were working and we could eventually see each other from behind the tall plants.

With a large group, some real hard work and good company, we managed to successfully rid ALL of the Hemlock, a huge achievement for such a short space of time. In doing this, It means that the council will be able to plant a wildflower meadow in time, meaning Meath will soon be embroidered with colour 🌺

Thanks everyone for all your hard work on a sunny Sunday morning, you literally saved (dogs/ cats, and maybe some silly humans) lives 💪

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Aine Hester went on a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Making a splash! (and a dunk).

Sat 5 Jun
Report written by John Shirley

On a beautiful Saturday morning, four GoodGymers returned to one of our favourite tasks - helping Alex and Nadia (both pictured) at Weavers Adventure Playground.

Aine and Joanne set to work weeding, digging up lavender plants and re-planting them in planters - with feet planted firmly on the ground.

John and Eva's time passed quickly as they painted the shed, chatted and started planning the Tower Hamlets GoodGym Games. By the time they'd finished splashing the green paint around, they resembled the Incredible Hulk - but only in skin tone.

After most of us had finished, Aine and Eva showed they'd retained some of the basketball skills picked up as teenagers.

Eventually, someone managed to drag Joanne away from her watering can.

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Aine Hester went on a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Boardroom Antics

Thu 3 Jun
Report written by Emma Rapley

A full house of GoodGym-ers attended Stepney City Farm under the guidance of Siobhan with Emma and Paula leading the task.

Everyone pulled their socks up and got stuck in.

Stephen and Eva battled it out with their puntics and came up with some absolute gems...

Great big wooden boards were loaded on trolleys and laid against the pig enclosure whilst Mars admired/instructed from his side of the fence, an absolutely enormous pile of wood chips was shovelled and used to cover a veritable hedge of nettles just in front of the pig couple, huge great chunks of wood were picked up and piled up nearby. Siobhan seemed happy and exclaimed that she thought it would take a week, but with GoodGym helping out it was done in an hour and a half!

Aziz turned up not wearing his GG shirt because he likes to “be different” but Sara, Joanne and Eva followed suit.

I was particularly impressed with John this evening- I mean he worked hard (and he always does) - because he exemplified magnificent colour coordination and wore lilac purple shorts and purple gloves.

Emma wore Birkenstocks and jeans. She probably won’t do it again.

Rohan remarked that everyone and everything was “just marvellous, wonderful” and he had a cracking time, as did we all.

Welcome to Sara for her first ever session.

Thanks to everyone for turning up, working hard and making the time so enjoyable.

Seven of us went to the Half Moon pub afterwards and were led by Stephen our current Social Club Grand Master Pro.

I’ll leave you with this pearl from Eva: “ How much woodchip can a GoodGymer shift if a GoodGymer could shift wood chip?”

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Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Woodchipping the Children's Garden at Stepney City Farm

Thu 3 Jun 17:30 pm
Stepney City Farm, Stepney Green, London, E1 3DG
Wednesday's all about the woodchip...

What you will be doing

  • You will be woodchipping the Children's Garden, shifting the woodchip pile on the new drive - and maybe doing some compost work!

  • Your GoodGym Leadership Team consists of not one but two of our Task Force tonight, Emma and Paula, with longstanding Stepney Farm Task Owner Siobhan heading up this big gardening bonanza.

Need to cancel?

  • We get it. Life happens. So if anything changes after signing-up for this activity, please un-sign with as much notice as possible, to free up your place for someone else (Stepney Farm is one of our most popular tasks).
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Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Weavers Weekends: Kick your weekend off with a couple of active hours at this fun playground task.

Sat 5 Jun 11:00 am
Weavers Adventure Playground, Viaduct Street, London, E2 0BH
Alex has asked us to return for the final stages of the playground re-opening prep...

What we'll be doing

  • We're heading back to Weaver's Adventure Playground this weekend for our regular Saturday session to help Alex and Nadia get the playground ready for re-opening.

  • Tasks may include filling skips, helping break up large poles of wood, painting, constructing decking and doors, and gardening.

What you need to know

  • You will be divided into groups of 2-4 and dispatched to all areas of this large, exciting space for your activity.

  • Alex is a brilliant teacher and will show you the ropes if you're new to any task.

  • The playground is situated just off Bethnal Green Road, making it the perfect location for post-task coffees!

  • Area Activator Laura is down to lead this task but will not be present (Alex leads this task). However any queries, concerns, contact her without hesitation and she'll do her very best to help.

  • If you fancy writing a run report, you can pop your pics, pun and activity details online after the task!

Need to cancel?

  • We very much hope you'll be able to make it, but if anything changes after you've signed up, please un-sign as soon as possible to free up this popular place for someone else. Thank you!
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