Currying favour for the Weekend

24 runners ran have an amazing time in York.

  • Nick Griffin
  • Carl Wain
  • York runner
  • Lizzie Kershaw
  • Barbara Griffin
  • Bev Aghahoseini
  • Leanne Allsopp
  • Melissa Jordan
  • Becky Moylett
  • Aidan Kettle
  • York runner
  • Stefan Durkin
  • Graham Gill
  • Ellie Dove
  • York runner
  • Nicola Gover
  • Tim Mckenzie
  • Christine Cockett
  • Jenna Drury
  • Helen English
  • Paul Kelly
  • York runner
  • Max
  • Mitchell Scott
Friday, 23rd of March 2018

25 intrepid goodgymmers  fresh from their epic Active  in York Award donned their "normal" clothes and ventured out into the night in search of delicious curry and great company! Happily i can report that they more than succeeded in their task at the excellent Bombay Spice Restaurant. Many thanks Paul for booking it!

Myself and Mitchell arrived super early so had the whole room free for ourselves to wander about, perhaps we should have been smart like Stef who went for swift pint down the road!

In a flash though the room filled and it wasn't long before the waiter was struggling to take drinks orders from goodgymmers who were deep in conversation already! We gorged ourselves on pappadoms and dip. Powered through the massive platters for starter and then were hit with endless curry dishes for mains!

As the meal came to a conclusion just a few hardy souls were plugging on through. Nikki and Becky's veggie curries ended up making a couple of laps of the room as we tried to ensure no curry went to rest. Lizzie wasn't fussed and continued grazing for the "perfect" piece of Lamb to conclude her meal!

After the customary group photo, we were served a complimentary nightcap that allowed me to utilize my old waitering skills and deliver lots of baileys and whiskys. Plus our risk assessment failed when Mel managed to projectile some flaming sambuca right at Mitchell! Didnt see that one coming.

Whilst settling the bill a few goodgymmers were clearly confused by the concept of a goodgym event with no exercise and took the opportunity to do some wall squats to work off some curry calories!

Bill settled. We wandered down to the pub to keep the conversation flowing. Job well done even if Ellie did try to break things on the way out!

Cheers everyone it was a great night!

Report written by Tim Mckenzie

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