Conquer Crystal Palace 5k/10k/15k/Half Marathon

Running With Dinosaurs


Whether you like to fly round a course like a pterodactyl, have the light feet of a velociraptor or maybe you're more about the relaxed stomp of a stegosaurus, Conquer Crystal Palace have got you sorted.

It's probably the coolest park in London with Victorian dinosaur statues, an athletics stadium, a MAZE and the fifth tallest structure in London (but ironically no crystal palace...) There's plenty to look at as you're going round.

With 4 choices of race there really is something for nearly everyone and it's pretty cheap as races go, especially for London.

And I believe this code should give you an extra 10% off! - TODAYSTHEDAY (Thanks Jim for the heads up)


Give me a shout if you've got any Qs -

Date and time

09:30 - 11:00 Saturday, 7th of September 2019


Papa's Park
10-17 Pulross Road
SW9 8AF View Map

What to look out for

Age Restriction

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Croydon runner
Croydon runner
Friday August 9th, 2019 08:09

Nice what distances are people doing? I am running the half

Oliver Cannon
Oliver Cannon
Monday August 19th, 2019 10:45

I'm thinking of doing the 15km

Monday August 19th, 2019 14:34

You should get a distance PB...

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Led by

Mark Gilyead

Mark Gilyead
Mostly runs for the train. On purpose obvs.

Who's going

  • Jim
  • Julia
  • John
  • Croydon runner
  • Debbie
  • Elena
  • Steve Jenkins
  • Lorna Gott
  • Alex Richards
  • Abigail White
  • Pritesh Mistry

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Papa's Park
10-17 Pulross Road

There's space to change and leave bags and a toilet. We're not planning to do anything purposefully dangerous, but GoodGym takes no responsibility for your safety during group runs, you participate at your own risk. Participants accept full responsibility for items stored at Papa's Park, and Papa's Park & GoodGym will not be held liable for any losses / damages.


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