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Tower Hamlets

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Get fit by doing good

We’re a community of runners that combines getting fit with doing good in Tower Hamlets.

From hanging curtains for Mr H because he can't manage it on his own, to shovelling a tonne of compost for the Food Growers Group so they can provide facilities and training for locals to grow vegetables - every GoodGym run is different.

How you can get involved in GoodGym Tower Hamlets

Coach run
coach run

Maria runs to see 80 year old May every week - you too could run to an older person.

Become a coach runner

What are you waiting for?

There are 9 lonely older people in Tower Hamlets waiting to be paired with a runner like you.

Find out more about coach runs

Group run
Group run

Help community projects like Nest sort children's clothing for families in need.

Become a group runner

Join us on the next run

Getting fit the GoodGym way
Monday Mar 27th 2017 at 6:45pm

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Mission run

Help people like Mr P change his smoke alarm battery because he's unable.

Become a mission runner

Check out the next mission

Garden task in Lewisham
Saturday Apr 1st 2017 at 10:00am

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We're running to help all over Tower Hamlets

Good deeds 6,682 Good deeds
Coach runs 1,276 Coach runs
Mission runs 43 Mission runs

From 2009 we've been running in Bethnal Green -since then we've spread all over London. From Brick Lane to Bow, and from Victoria Park to the Isle of Dogs, we run the streets helping those most in need. We’re always up for welcoming new runners, so if you’re in the area come and join in.

Map of Tower Hamlets

Before GoodGym I always lost motivation to stick at running or the gym but now I run two or three times a week.

Hazel, GoodGym Barnet Runner

Running with Goodgym is great because I get fit, do good and get to hang with a load of awesome people.

Mark, GoodGym Islington runner

GoodGym combines doing good with running, which helps me forget I'm even exercising. It's great!

Judy, GoodGym Lambeth runner
Running against trees

Tower Hamlets

New to running?

Many people who don't run, are worried about running or haven't run for ages start running with GoodGym every week on our group runs. If you'd like to ease your way into GoodGym with a session specially for those who are new to running or new to GoodGym, you might want to try a starter session.

Starter sessions will have a short run and an easier task helping out a community org.

Find a session

T shirt

GoodGym Membership

If you become a member we'll help you get fit by doing good. You get the support of your local trainer and help to set and achieve fitness goals and a new GoodGym New Balance technical running top. You also get 20% off at

All aspects of GoodGym are free to participate in. Most Goodgym members donate an optional £9.95 a month which go to the GoodGym Charity to help us reach more older people. We’ll ask you if you’d like to donate when you join.

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Tower Hamlets

Meet your trainer

The trainers who lead our runs are the best in the business. Our members get top quality fitness and running support from their trainer.

Tom Craggs's Photo

Full time running coach who occasionally runs a bit and likes to get out and see the local area.

Join us on a run

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Tower Hamlets
Group run
Tower Hamlets

Getting fit the GoodGym way

Run, do good, run

6:45pm - 8 runners

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Tower Hamlets
Group run
Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets does it good

Londons BEST GoodGym

6:45pm - 2 runners

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Tower Hamlets
Group run
Tower Hamlets

Spring Time running in Tower Hamlets

Let's do this!!


Making a difference in Tower Hamlets


I was very lonely. You've opened up a whole new world to me. Being a runner's coach is wonderful. They've given me the confidence to get out there again.

Sheila - GoodGym Coach
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