We may not have a Cape of Good Hope pun, but we won anyway!

7 Goodgymers helped their local community in Oxford
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Tuesday 5th December 2023

Report written by Emma

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As the title suggests, GoodGym were victorious in our quizzing efforts this week! We headed over to the Cape of Good Hope, and battled our way through rounds including 'Siblings', 'One Question Five Answers', and 'Food and Drink'. Even the mystery round on The Sex Pistols was no match, with myself and Henry correctly guessing all but one question. Who knew GoodGym and 70's punk had so much in common?

The grand prize was a £40 bar tab which we made short work of with an extra round of drinks and a few bags of crisps.

We'll have a break over Christmas/New Year/my holiday, but will be back at some point in 2024!

Session Leader
Henry Gibson
Ben Gremson
Katie Fellows
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