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OVADA exterior clearance and maintenance
🗓Wednesday 29th March 6:00pm

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Garden and car park spring clean and tidy

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Anwen Greenaway
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Wed 1st Mar at 6:00pm

St David’s Day flower fe(a)st

Oxford Report written by Anwen Greenaway

Over the last several autumns we have planted lots of daffodil bulbs around the streets of Marston. St David's Day seemed like a great time to go and check out how they're getting on and litter pick while we're at it. The cold, dry winter meant that not many flowers were in bloom yet, but we could see that there's been a good success rate in them coming up and budding, even in areas where we weren't convinced they'd be able to survive, so flowers will only be a week or so away.

Food items were definitely the theme of this litter pick - we could have made ourselves a 3 course meal of fortune cookie, discarded burger and half a chocolate bar plus half a rich tea biscuit to finish. Maybe not exactly recommended! Lots of cigarette and vape packets too. Overall not one of the grubbier litter picks we've done, but 4 sacks of grot collected, and some definite sogns of spring coming.

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Wed 1st Mar at 6:00pm