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8 Goodgymers helped their local community in Oxford
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Thursday 26th October 2023

Report written by Emma

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'Empire of Cats' and 'Left Intentionally Blank' battled it out at the fully booked Thursday quiz at the Angel and Greyhound. We managed to rank within the top 50% or so in each round, with a few 2nd and 3rd places for TV and Film, and General Knowledge. We didn't manage to win any prizes though, which randomly included a bag of doughnuts, and some scotch eggs.

I'm aiming to make this a semi-regular social session during the darker months, so any suggestions for new places to try are very welcome. We have The Gardener's Arms, and Cape of Good Hope as possibles for the next one.

Random fact - 'M&Ms' stands for Mars and Murrie!

Session Leader
Fred Collman
Henry Gibson
Ben Gremson
Matt Burton
Ellie Evans
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