Trick or treat trot around town

7 Goodgymers helped their local community in Coventry
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Tuesday 31st October 2023

Report written by Laura Denham

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7 Goodgymers gathered this halloween eve to go for a walk/gentle jog to the memorial park and back.

Graeme and Claire set off on their walk whilst the rest of the Goodgym gang carried out the halloween special warm up, including some great thriller arms and Frankenstein hamstring kicks - ha! Following the warm up we started on our run to catch up with the walkers.

It was really busy out with lots of trick or treaters around Earlsdon. We kept looping back to the walkers, although they were actually pretty speedy so were never that far behind. They were also very easy to spot with Graeme's lit up pumpkin costume which actually looked like he had red shining boobs (gutted i didn't get a picture of this!)

Once we reached the park we turned back leaving Graeme and Nigel to walk Chris and Claire home then the Laura's and James headed back into town to make their way to the quiz.

Very enjoyable walk, run with great company, thank you all!

Session Leader
Area activator
Chris Norman
Claire-Louise Norman
Graeme Papa Strumpf Mulvaney
Laura Denham
Laura P
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