Tree mendous! Scientific running at Goodgym Barnet

6 Goodgymers helped their local community in Barnet
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Tuesday 13th February

Report written by Paul Salman

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Our GoodGym Barnet group gathered at the Phoenix Cinema for an evening run and to gather data on barnet Tiny Forest. ( A unique,tree planting technique developed by Earthwatch) Despite the damp weather, spirits were high as we embarked on a 6km route through quiet streets and alongside Mutton Brook. Moya, our run leader, welcomed us. We shared weekend stories and warmed up .Limbs stretched, hearts pumping, we prepared for the run ahead. Our footsteps echoed off the buildings as we explored the quieter streets of east finchley before nature and the dark embraced us as we ran along Mutton brook. Cherianand Alefiyah joined our mission at the forest. We then set about measuring the young saplings that were now two years old and we uploaded the data, to the Earthwatch portal. Over 200 special Tony forests exist across the country. Anyone can contribute by measuring trees with a ruler and tape measure. We returned to the Phoenix Cinema, hearts ablaze with the magic of our run. Be part of something bigger—explore, measure, and make a difference with GoodGym Barnet! 🌲

Session Leader
Area activator
Cherian Li
Moya Malekin
Penny Salman
Paul Salman
Rachel Melinek
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Hampstead Heath Parkrun marshalling

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