So near and yet sofa

2 Goodgymers helped an isolated person in Cardiff
Jen Velu
Andrew Skelton

Saturday 7th October 2023

Report written by Andrew Skelton

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Moving a sofa sounds like it should be more of a physical task than a mental one. However, for Jen and Andrew, it proved to exercise their brains at least as much as their brawn.

Challenge 1: Go to the correct address. Jen excelled in this initial test. Andrew, on the other hand, spent ten minutes sitting outside a property on the adjacent street. It was only when he accused Jen of being late that he realised his error!

Challenge 2: Find out which flat Mr A lives in. The pair hadn't been given anything other than the building number, and Mr A wasn't answering his phone. Luckily, some neighbours were on their way out, and they had a pretty good idea which door might belong to a Mr A.

Challenge 3: Figure out how to take the sofa apart. It was an L-shaped sofa with some kind of bolt holding the two pieces together. After a fair amount of lifting, jinggling and wiggling, the two pieces were separated.

Challenge 4: Get the sofa pieces through the doorway. For the first piece, various angles and approaches were attempted, but there was always an arm or a leg poking out in the wrong direction. Finally, with Mr A's helpful suggestion, the piece was up-ended and pivoted around the corner with millimetres to spare. The second piece was a different shape and equally tricky, but in the end it made it through and was bolted back onto its other half.

Challenge 5: Figure out how to make the most of the unseasonably warm Saturday afternoon. With the sofa in position and the pair having said goodbye to Mr A, Jen headed off towards town, and Andrew in the direction of Roath Lake, both happy in the knowledge that they'd spent some time doing something helpful.

Jen Velu
Andrew Skelton
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Sun 8th Oct 2023 at 10:33am

Brilliant report, and fantastic title!