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Love to run, even though I’m not very good 🤣


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Jen Velu
Jen Velu went on a group run

Tue 14th May at 6:15pm

Rescue......Plan B

Cardiff Report written by Michael

A good turn out for our Tuesday task, but the numbers don't matter to the weather. But first, we welcome two new people to our group tonight for their first task.


Our task organiser messaged to say that they thought the rain would hinder our original task, and so a last minute change was required.....


We ran to a different location, a shorter route than planned but with plenty of jobs to keep us occupied. We had a LOT of weeds to remove, front and back of the building, a very LARGE T.V stand to put together for the biggest TV that I have ever seen.

We split into three groups, front group got to work weeding around the edge of the lot to tidy up and just make the Church look that little bit better, and then removed the grass from the front 'garden' to make room for more planting later on. The second group were inside, busy putting together the heavy duty stand, lots of head scratching and plan reading going on there.......The final group went straight to the back to tidy up there, it occasionally gets rented as a car park when there are large events in Cardiff, a nice way for them to make some extra funds.

Next week looks to be an amazing task, get signed up if you're not already -------> HERE

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MichaelEllenMartin Graff
Jen Velu
Jen Velu signed up to a group run.

Tue 14th May at 6:15pm

20 Group Activity - Painting at St. Paul Community Hall

Keep it looking it's best for those wonderful groups that use it.

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Jen Velu
Jen Velu signed up to a party.

Sat 16th Dec 2023 at 10:30pm

Goodgym after party

Continue the party post food, or join us if you just want to dance

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Jen Velu
Jen Velu went on a group run

Tue 12th Dec 2023 at 6:15pm

Lets get Quizical, quizical

Cardiff Report written by Michael

18 goodgymers made it to our last session of the year.

It was a lovely run around the bay, three different groups at differing paces. With the longest running past the BBC, thankfully with no CASUALTY. We met up with Doctor Graff.....Doctor WHO?

Once the run was all done and dusted, we popped into our location for the night to write our Cards for Care homes. We now have OVER 200 cards written for the 18 care homes that we will be delivering too. Spreading some love and joy from Goodgym Cardiff.

At 8 we then split into teams as it was time for the Charity quiz. Team - The magic Sock, Goodgym all the way and Quizmas tree.

Thanks to all that have come to goodgym in 2023, you are all amazing individuals. Here's to 2024 and lots more.

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MichaelAnastasia Hancock

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Theresa Joseph
Theresa Joseph (she/her)

Thu 14th Dec 2023 at 5:20pm

Here, here....lovely report, lots accomplished too. Seasons greeting to you too,

Jen Velu
Jen Velu signed up to a group run.

Tue 12th Dec 2023 at 6:15pm

Anastasia Hancock
Jen Velu
Jen Velu went on a group run

Tue 17th Oct 2023 at 6:15pm

Paint it BLACK

Cardiff Report written by Michael

We see an old fence and we want to paint it black.......

Well it turns out our last trip of the year to the community hall was not as we thought, we returned to help with the mighty task of painting the fence.

11 goodgymers huddled together on a chilly evening, ready to take on the WORLD

Back for their second time was Chloe, welcome you regular you. And we had the return of one who started us all those years ago...... Benjamin


Off we went on those mean streets of Cardiff (not really mean, us Welsh are very nice) and we had a nice steady pace to St. James Community Hall.

Tonight's task, to wire brush the fence that we had previously freed from the ivy..... Whilst the rest of us painted as much as we could in the time we had.

You could definitely feel the Autumnal crisp chill this evening, but we were soon warmed by the gratitude of the choir as they came out from the hall to see what we were getting up to. Impressed by the amount of us, they even offered us the food they had left.


We made our way back to the Daffodil, to warm up and catch up. We will return one more time this year.... As its a BIG fence.

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MichaelNathan Swain
Jen Velu
Jen Velu signed up to a group run.

Tue 17th Oct 2023 at 6:15pm

Painting at St. Paul Community Hall

Keep it looking it's best for those wonderful groups that use it.

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Jen Velu
Jen Velu signed up to a party.

Sat 16th Dec 2023 at 7:30pm

Jen Velu
Jen Velu went on a mission

Sat 7th Oct 2023 at 1:00pm

So near and yet sofa

Cardiff Report written by Andrew Skelton

Moving a sofa sounds like it should be more of a physical task than a mental one. However, for Jen and Andrew, it proved to exercise their brains at least as much as their brawn.

Challenge 1: Go to the correct address. Jen excelled in this initial test. Andrew, on the other hand, spent ten minutes sitting outside a property on the adjacent street. It was only when he accused Jen of being late that he realised his error!

Challenge 2: Find out which flat Mr A lives in. The pair hadn't been given anything other than the building number, and Mr A wasn't answering his phone. Luckily, some neighbours were on their way out, and they had a pretty good idea which door might belong to a Mr A.

Challenge 3: Figure out how to take the sofa apart. It was an L-shaped sofa with some kind of bolt holding the two pieces together. After a fair amount of lifting, jinggling and wiggling, the two pieces were separated.

Challenge 4: Get the sofa pieces through the doorway. For the first piece, various angles and approaches were attempted, but there was always an arm or a leg poking out in the wrong direction. Finally, with Mr A's helpful suggestion, the piece was up-ended and pivoted around the corner with millimetres to spare. The second piece was a different shape and equally tricky, but in the end it made it through and was bolted back onto its other half.

Challenge 5: Figure out how to make the most of the unseasonably warm Saturday afternoon. With the sofa in position and the pair having said goodbye to Mr A, Jen headed off towards town, and Andrew in the direction of Roath Lake, both happy in the knowledge that they'd spent some time doing something helpful.

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Sun 8th Oct 2023 at 10:33am

Brilliant report, and fantastic title!