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11 Goodgymers helped their local community in Lewisham
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Monday 21st August 2023

Report written by Kim Parker

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With last minute change of plans which changed from Luxmore Gardens to Litter Picking to St Mary's Church - I'm surprised any of us knew where we were off to!

The team gathered outside Glass Mill, making the most of the sunshine, and ready to good in the borough. After a quick warm up we headed off on the 1km run to St Mary's Church.

There's always a variety of tasks at St Mary's Church including clearing alkinet (a GG staple), planting plants in the shady border, watering plants, sweeping paths, sanding benches and sowing seeds. All guided by the lovely people of St Marys Church and expert gardener Sue.

There was just enough time for water and a couple of biscuits before we headed off back to Glass Mill.

Next week we are heading to Marsha Phoenix Trust to help in the garden and we have a post-group run social. Don't forget its a bank holiday so Glass Mill won't be open!

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Do good in our wonderful borough

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