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Help shift the bark at Florence Green
🗓Monday 8th July 6:45pm

📍Glass Mill Leisure Centre SE13 7FT

Improve the biodiversity in the area

Kim ParkerVicIitmari
Julian OsmanDarryl Chamberlain
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Mon 8th Jul at 6:45pm

Help shift the bark at Florence Green

Improve the biodiversity in the area

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Iitmari went on a group run

Mon 3rd Jun at 6:45pm

Monday Alkanet Blues

Lewisham Report written by Kim Parker

Fresh from the Three Peaks I gave all leading duties to Oli who kindly agreed to lead the group up the Two Peaks to Luxmore Gardens whilst I walked ahead.

It was our first visit to Luxmore Gardens this summer which meant the alkanet would be out in force. The alkanet is loved by bees but its leaves cause a rash on humans so the volunteer team have decided to remove it to prevent it taking over (which it easily does).

The main task for the evening was removing the alkanet and any other pesky weeds that are suffocating the plants. By the end of the evening we had piles and piles of weeds along the path and the last job of the group run was to pile it all up on the compost heap.

Thanks for your hard work team!

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Julian Osman
Sarah HornseyKim Parker
Iitmari went on a group run

Mon 13th May at 6:45pm

1 Man, 2 Boroughs, 5 Centuries (nearly!)

Lewisham Report written by Kim Parker

This week's group run was all about Julian and his 499 good deeds!! Whilst we're a little sad that the big 5-0-0 won't be happening in the blue borough, we're super proud of Julian being part of our team and how much good he does between here and Greenwich. He'll get stuck into every task we do and rain or shine - thank you Julian. I look forward to seeing you achieve your next milestone which is hopefully 500 this evening at Greenwich!!

This week we also had 2 newbies joined us who must have wondered what on earth I was doing when I had party hats and a tray of doughnuts. I can't promise the same every week but I can promise good deeds every week.

It was off to The Albany this week and time to tackle the litter. After ringing the ring doorbell a couple of time and no answer I thought maybe we were in for one of those weeks with no task. We did get in eventually and set to cutting back brambles and picking up the litter.

Again, there was a distinct lack of litter and my theory is that the longer grass means it's not being blown under the fence so much but also it could all be hidden within the grass and we just can't see it!

Half the group headed out to clear the surrounding streets of litter and by the end of the session we had quite a few bags of litter including a wig!

Next week, we are heading to Senior's to help in their garden with the bigger tasks such as turning the compost, digging the beds and weeding.

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Sam LefevreKim Parker