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LewishamCommunity mission

The Ravensbourne Identity

Saturday 6th April

Written by Bromley runner

One Goodgymmer sneaked over from Bromley to Lewisham to do some incognito gardening. A large pile of wood chip needed moving and raking to replenish the paths and the muddy route to the compost heap in the therapeutic garden. After a lovely welcome from the volunteers and an audacious bee, our undercover Goodgymmer got to work. Chips were shovelled, barrows were wheeled and selfies inexplicably avoided. There was even time for a cup of tea afterwards, where our Goodgymer's true identity was revealed! It all ended happily with an extensive debrief of a crisp packet.

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LewishamCommunity mission
Jacqueline Francis
Adrian Timmins

Tiptoe through the tulips* (*well snowdrops anyway)

Saturday 3rd February

Written by Adrian Timmins

Lovely morning session with some other volunteers - planting bulbs and moving wheelbarrows...looking forward to next month!

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LewishamCommunity mission
Julian Osman

(re)turning the tables

Saturday 9th December 2023

Written by Julian Osman

Saturday saw one Good Gymer make their way to St Mary’s Church in Lewisham so help the cheery local volunteers take down the Christmas Fayre. Tasks to be done were to take down gazebos and squeeze them into bags that seemed far too small and to collapse tables and take them back to a local nursery. Once the gazebos were packed up they needed to be transported to a local school (and what the local drivers would have made of the parade of people lugging strange large bags over the zebra crossing this author will always wonder about) and having got them there, and moved a few last chairs, the task was complete and the church gardens were back to their lovely natural self.

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LewishamGroup run
Steve LeeIitmariAbiDarryl ChamberlainSarah HornseyAdam Letch

Sands of prime

Monday 21st August 2023

Written by Kim Parker

With last minute change of plans which changed from Luxmore Gardens to Litter Picking to St Mary's Church - I'm surprised any of us knew where we were off to!

The team gathered outside Glass Mill, making the most of the sunshine, and ready to good in the borough. After a quick warm up we headed off on the 1km run to St Mary's Church.

There's always a variety of tasks at St Mary's Church including clearing alkinet (a GG staple), planting plants in the shady border, watering plants, sweeping paths, sanding benches and sowing seeds. All guided by the lovely people of St Marys Church and expert gardener Sue.

There was just enough time for water and a couple of biscuits before we headed off back to Glass Mill.

Next week we are heading to Marsha Phoenix Trust to help in the garden and we have a post-group run social. Don't forget its a bank holiday so Glass Mill won't be open!

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LewishamCommunity mission
Julian Osman

In the hands of fete

Saturday 24th June 2023

Written by Julian Osman

When one arrives at a mission to the strains of ominous sounding James Bond musci one begins to wonder. Is it a real mission or have the agents of Spectre or even worse, Bad Gym, set a trap?

But there was no need to be concerned as it was just the Lewisham brass band finishing their concert at the fate at St Mary's Church. The fete had gone very well but everything now needed to be cleared away with tables and chairs top be packed and gazebos to be taken down. The keen volunteers and Good Gym made light work of it and soon everything was packed up and the church garden was peaceful and quiet again.

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LewishamGroup run
Adam LetchSteve LeeVicMatthew TiplerSarah Hornsey

A Vault from the Blue

Monday 12th June 2023

Written by Kim Parker

On Monday we had all sorts of achievements from 1st good deeds to 350th good deeds and also a 50th in the middle! Fantastic achievements!!

The task this week was a shorter run than some of our runs in the past and it was much welcomed on a warm evening.

After a quick warm up of rock paper scissors and a quick debate of whether star jumps are really that fun, we were on our way to St Marys Church.

The main tasks of the evening were digging up the alkanet and watering the thirsty plants. The churchyard is overrun with green alkanet and in some areas it has specifically been left to go wild but in the wildflower meadow it is taking over!

The wonderful people at St Marys had put on a tasty spread of snacks and tea for us to refuel after all the digging up. Thank you!

Next week we're heading to Marsha Phoenix Trust (around 5km in total) where we'll be tackling a variety of tasks in the garden. We'll also be heading out for a social post-group run.

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