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12 Goodgymers helped their local community in Southwark
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Wednesday 27th March

Report written by Southwark runner

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Last night 12 Goodgymmers ran 3k (and back) to the Old Alleynian Rugby club. It was an unusual session because Sam was not leading, and instead it was me - Paulin! The session started with cake - a surprise from Sam to celebrate my 300th good deed. Then it was over to me, starting with the welcome speech and the warm up.

The ice-breaker was a work-related question from me about things you’d ask to a chat bot that recommends recipes. The questions we came up with ranged from practical “What can I cook with only two tins of beans?” to morbid “What should I eat that is less than 50 calories?”. Either way, very useful market research, thanks a lot!

Once we arrived at the rugby club, we were met by Ian, who had the floodlights on ready for us. Our first task was to seed a muddy pitch, and it was great to see everyone self organise to methodically cover the whole area. After that, we did some edging - which means scraping off the edge of some grass which had overgrown into the carpark.

After a quick photo and some chocolate treats from Ian, we ran back to Old Spike. At the end when we were cooling down and stretching, we “collaboratively” remembered the task for next week’s group run, as well as a few missions that are on this week-end (Thorlands on Saturday at 12 and Peckham Rye Junior parkrun on Sunday at 9am.

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Group Run: Community Gardening at Thorlands
🗓Today 6:30pm

Tidying up this community garden as we continue with its project and vision

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