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6 Goodgymers helped their local community in Oxford
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Wednesday 29th September 2021

Report written by Anwen Greenaway

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Fuel shortages and food shortages have made this a very challenging week at the Oxford Mutual Aid food bank. As the only source of emergency food available in Oxford 7 days a week they are a lifeline to many, particularly as the furlough scheme and universal credit uplift both end.

This week, overall, the team packed and delivered 257 regular food parcels, reaching an incredible 857 people (494 adults, 254 children and 74 babies).

There were 56 requests for Emergency food help. Those parcels reached 164 people (109 adults, 43 children and 12 babies).

* 234 pre-prepared meals were given to 81 households.
* 51 food parcels were sent out to those people recently rehoused in temporary accommodation.
* 15 parcels were given to Syrian Sisters to distribute.
* 11 parcels went to Oxfordshire Asian Women's Voice in Rose Hill.

Thank you for taking part in this BIG voluntary effort. You're awesome.

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