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Wednesday 24th January

Written by Anwen Greenaway

Last night we finished our 'spring' clean of the Oxford Mutual Aid foodbank.

Throughout autumn and winter we deep clean the main hall one section per month, and a do a thorough clean and sort of the kitchen every month. We've clearly got pretty efficient at this now, as we finished the task last night; a month ahead of schedule!

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(N)ice work if you can get it

Wednesday 10th January

Written by Anwen Greenaway

Last night we stomped the streets around Florence Park delivering flyers for Oxford Mutual Aid. The OMA food bank are recruiting for more volunteers, particularly people to deliver food parcels, so we went house-to-house with their information leaflets. Hopefully they will have an influx of new helpers as a result.

It was a chilly night so we regrouped at The Jolly Postboys pub at the end to warm up.

Welcome to GoodGym Jonah!

congratulations on reaching the 10 Good Deeds milestone Imogen!

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A fruitful evening

Wednesday 13th December 2023

Written by Anwen Greenaway

2 task Wednesday!

A trio of GoodGymers headed into the Asian Cultural Centre to help with the fortnightly community meal supplied by the Oxford Homeless Project. They made tea and served cake to the guests who were eating, then helped clear up and chatted to the guests.

The rest of the team scattered across the streets of Cowley litter picking. We did a thorough clean up along Manzil Way, including ferreting under hedges for hard-to-reach items and a whizz around the playground. A breakaway group made it all the way to Morrel Avenue. We picked up 6 full sacks of trash.

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Insy Winsy Spiders

Wednesday 22nd November 2023

Written by Anwen Greenaway

November Autumn/Winter clean at the Oxford Mutual Aid.

This month we moved crates and racking in the lower central part of the main hall to clean that area. The ever-intrepid Ben scaled a ladder to sweep many years of accumulated cobwebs off the end window. Add to that the regular kitchen clean, fridge scrub and fresh-food check, and we made light work of our monthly 'spring' clean task.

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Food for thought

Wednesday 15th November 2023

Written by Anwen Greenaway

We divided between two tasks last night, but both had the same theme - making sure people can access food whatever their personal circumstances.

5 GoodGymers helped serve and clear up at Oxford Homeless Project's evening meal.

This was Oxford Homeless Project's first community meal in over 3 years, and with a switch from Monday lunch to Wednesday evening it was hard to know whether the word would get out quickly. But it did, and the atmosphere was lovely, the food delicious and both volunteers and guests had a fun and friendly evening.

11 GoodGymers pounded the streets to deliver leaflets recruiting volunteer delivery drivers for the Oxford Mutual Aid food bank.

The rest of our lovely team set off along the streets of Cowley to deliver hundreds of leaflets for our pals at Oxford Mutual Aid Food bank. Streets were pounded, flyers delivered, and we got judgey about letter flaps again.

Lovely to have you along to GoodGym Oxford Cat.

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Such fun-ghis

Wednesday 25th October 2023

Written by Anwen Greenaway

Autumn means we pivot away from our summer of gardening and nature reserve tasks and resume our monthly deep cleaning of the food bank on Cowley Road.

The day-to-day tasks at the food bank take up all the time of volunteers, so there is never time to shift shelving and give everywhere a really thorough clean. Over the last couple of years we have become efficient at working our way round the main hall of the foodbank from October to March, deep cleaning a different section each month.

Last night we started our process. Splitting our team between kitchen and main hall, we shifted and cleaned crates and shelving, swept the floors, mopped the floors, sorted through fresh produce to ditch anything going off (some VERY mouldy mushrooms!), cleaned fridges, disinfected the walls, and took out food waste. A one hour flash-mob can make light of a deep clean.

Great work team!

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