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7 Goodgymers helped their local community in Islington
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Thursday 23rd November 2023

Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

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On Thursday evening, our Goodgym crew from all across the boroughs met with Area Activator Simon for a bonus additional group run across Shoreditch and De Bouvier estates. This time, we had the opportunity to start our run at the wonderful ON Running Spitalfields store (newly opened 3 weeks ago- East London's newest running hub). Expect more runs from this smashing location in the very near future.

On Store London Spitalfields https://g.co/kgs/MHkouJ

Dan, Harvey and John joined Simon for 2 mile run towards North London, via Pitfield Street and Shoreditch Park, before crossing the river to the Packington Estate. Mariana, the local gardening expert for The ARC Centre community hub was thrilled to see us all. Anne, Kareem and Lucy met us at the entrance to the centre, and we git cracking with the evening's task.

Our objective was to move several bags of mushroom mulch and compost from the Waterside Park near Regent's Canal, over to the prime rose bush patch just off St Paul's Street. This would require a mix of wheelbarrowing and heavy lifting to make our way over- some top team work. Upon our arrival, we then had to mix up the mulch and compost together (a ratio of 1 : 2) before spreading the mixture across the beds. This should create an excellent "blanket" for the flower beds over the winter, to save the plants for springtime.

Harvey took on an additional unexpected good deed during our wheelbarrowing journeys. A lady by the canal towpath had been stranded by her Uber, and had a lot of belongings in her possession. She asked if anyone would be willing to help her to drop these item off at her canal boat just by the next bridge. Harvey loaded up his wheelbarrow, and ferried the suitcases in no time!

Smashing job everyone- we celebrated an excellent task completed with refreshments and snacks at The Hanbury pub just off the estate. Well done all.


We will be meeting back the the Arsenal Community Hub on Monday 27th November for a trip to Caledonian Park for a top wood chip lifting and shifting task!

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