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10 Goodgymers helped their local community in Lewisham
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Monday 20th November 2023

Report written by Kim Parker

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Our task for this week was to continue the double digging at the Tiny Forest in Ladywell Fields. It's a tough workout and the soil has become full of stones as we have got further towards the end.

I had sold the group run on the fact we'd be driving in the fence posts with the fancy tool only to find Isaac had beat us to it! Great work Isaac, we should have spent less time chatting at Glass Mill.

We split into groups, as many as possible forming a line to tackle the digging and then the rest carrying the mulch to a spot closer to the Tiny Forest.

Pain stopped play

Another week, another GoodGym Lewisham twisted ankle, this time Oli's foot landed in a hole but he did manage to stay upright and not drop the bucket of mulch!

The Tiny Forest team now only have about 2 foot to dig or 2 double digs. Then its time for planting of the saplings, the community missions is happening on 9th December, all details here

P.S. Enjoy the really really blurry photos!

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Earth watch in collaboration planted saplings forest.

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Linda Gatley

Wed 22nd Nov 2023 at 12:43pm

Hope your ankle feels better soon Oli