Luca’s Task!

6 Goodgymers helped their local community in Birmingham
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Thursday 21st September 2023

Report written by Jonny Carter

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Tonight we had a good group of 6 of us to help out at the Jewellery Quarter Cemetery, well 7 actually as the main man was Luca the dog!

We got to work clearing all the leaves from the big main path, using our 'jazz hands' while Luca pottered around sniffing out some more leafs for us!

We managed to fill 8 massive bags of leafs, a sterling effort!

Once done, Jonny, Amy and James went for a 3k run, taking in some of the canal, while Amy, Eve, John and Luca took the equipment back to the Print Works, before we all met back at 1000 Trades were Luca had a well deserved giant bowl of water! Woof!

Session Leader
John Hunt
Amy Summers
Eve Edwards
James Morris
Jonny Carter
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