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Spooky GoodGym!

Tuesday 31st October 2023

Written by Miriam

I couldn't think of a pun but loving the term "Spooky GoodGym" so that's what it had to be!

We met up at 1000 Trades and walked down to the cemetery for their spooky Halloween event. Gabriel was walking so we left him to a spooky tour of the catecombs while James, Eve and myself headed out on a 4km run round town.

When we got back it was time to help put away tables, lights and gazebos. It was great there was 4 of us as we were able to take a corner each, and with team work put them away quickly before helping to carry them back to the JQ bid office.

A great task! Next year we should carve our own GG pumpkin!

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Jonny CarterRachel ClarkeHannah Blakiston

Racing The Tree Light!

Thursday 5th October 2023

Written by Jonny Carter

Tonight was are last Jewellery Quarter Cemetery evening task before the night's get too dark!

The task was to chop some trees back, it was a little of a race against time as the darkness came in! We managed a really good job though cutting all the trees back by 7pm, using the last of the light, so it was a good job done! Even if my photos wern't the best i've ever taken!

After the task Jonny and Rachel took in a just over 4k run around the Jewellery Quarter.

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Luca’s Task!

Thursday 21st September 2023

Written by Jonny Carter

Tonight we had a good group of 6 of us to help out at the Jewellery Quarter Cemetery, well 7 actually as the main man was Luca the dog!

We got to work clearing all the leaves from the big main path, using our 'jazz hands' while Luca pottered around sniffing out some more leafs for us!

We managed to fill 8 massive bags of leafs, a sterling effort!

Once done, Jonny, Amy and James went for a 3k run, taking in some of the canal, while Amy, Eve, John and Luca took the equipment back to the Print Works, before we all met back at 1000 Trades were Luca had a well deserved giant bowl of water! Woof!

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Jonny CarterCalum UptonJames MorrisAmy

No Leafs unturned!

Thursday 17th August 2023

Written by Jonny Carter

Tonight we joined Josie to help at the Jewellery Quarter Cemmetry. The task was remove all the leafs and dirt from the sides of the path, using our plastic 'jazz hands'!

We filled up many bags, then we got a good weights workout lifting then up the hill to the compost area.

Once done Josie and our walker Amy took the tools back, whilst Calum, James and Jonny went on a 5k run. We ran up the hill to join the canal on the Soho Loop, before running along it to Brindley Place and back to 1000 Trades, for a nice total of around 5k.

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Jonny CarterAmyAmelia WalkerHuma WhitehouseDeontayeRachel ClarkeJames Morris

Filling our Doggie bags!

Thursday 3rd August 2023

Written by Jonny Carter

It was lovely to have three newbies at tonight's session, Huma, Amelia and Deontaye joined us, though they had already sampled a GoodGym Mission over at Moseley Bog, it was lovely to see you all back at GG :)

Unfortunately the task was cancelled so what we did was a litter pick in the JQ Cemmetery anyway. On the way seeing a few doggos :)

Once done Louise, Jonny and James did a 5k run.

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Jonny Carter
MrinalEve EdwardsJames MorrisMiriam

Composing a Compost!

Tuesday 27th June 2023

Written by Jonny Carter

It was great to welcome Mrinal to his very first GoodGym session tonight, it's great to have you on board :)

Tonights task was to help out at the JQ cemmetry. We met Josie and walked up with our walker Miriam. We then got to work. Eve, Miriam and James organised a compost heap. While Mrinal, Jonny and Ben organised the compost in the form of leafs! Yes they were scooping up the leafs, that were then used for compost.

Once done, we had a quick picture taken by Josie, seen as the Ashes are on Jonny made a wicket keeper pose using the gloves provided!

Once done Eve, Jonny Mrinal and Ben headed for a run while Miriam walked back and James cycled.

The runners did a 4k loop taking in the canal, before arriving back at 1000 Trades.

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