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Eve Edwards
Eve Edwards done 50 good deeds and got their black t-shirt 🤩

Tuesday 28th November

Black T-Shirt

Black T-Shirt

Eve Edwards done 50 good deeds and got their black t-shirt

The next time you see Eve, they might be wearing black instead of red. They've completed 50 good deeds with GoodGym and have earnt their black t-shirt. Give them a nod when you next see them.

Eve Edwards
Eve Edwards went on a group run

Tue 28th Nov at 6:00pm

From Pineapple to Pine Needles! 🍍🎄

Birmingham Report written by Miriam

After another cold day we all gathered at Dad's Lane Community Association (or the newly named Pineapple House, owing to it's location on Pineapple Road) to get stuck in with the weekly cleaning tasks.

Laura got to work cleaning the floors, while Eve removed marks from the walls. Liam and Annie were stuck in with sweeping and Morwenna, Ramiz & his friend (WELCOME!!) got stuck in giving the kitchen a deep clean.

After this we headed out on a 5km Run to the famous Bournville tree! It was so lovely chatting to Ramiz, and we hope you come back. I'll be sure to send an email follow-up and include some other activities in Brum to get stuck in with.

Thank you all for a lovely run!

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Ian Moore

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Ramiz (he/him)

Wed 29th Nov at 4:24pm

thank you for all your support Miriam!