Let the saw do the work

19 Goodgymers helped their local community in York
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Monday 5th June 2023

Report written by Michal Czekajlo

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Today we had two tasks to complete.

Mitch led four Goodgymers to continue preparing the Acomb Methodist Church notice board for repainting. They all spent an hour sanding scraping, brushing and observing (Mitch and Ellie) and managed to make good progress.

Meanwhile the rest of us, including Anna who was giving GoodGym a try for the first time went to Ashton Park in Clifton to remove tree guards from some mature trees.

As it happens in that park we had an opportunity to engage with local young people. One lad told Jenna that the job is best done when you " let the saw do the work".

Abigail had an opportunity to show off her extensive boxing knowledge and Leanne stood on hammers.

Stef and Lucy competed on who is faster at cutting the wooden posts and Max admired Abi's shooting skill to get the litter bag down from the tree.

The rest of the crew stuck in at removing the metal guards and carefully trimming thorny branches that were in the way and packing them into bulk bags.

Once the trees were freed and tools tidied up a fitness session with a focus on back and abdominal muscles followed, then run back to the HQ to enjoy some of Lucy's birthday cake.

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City of York Council
Residents diagnosed with COVID-19 and their contacts

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