🐞 Bitten by the bugs (literally) 🐛

15 Goodgymers helped their local community in York
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Monday 4th September 2023

Report written by Nicky Woodall (she/her)

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🥵 15 GoodGymmers braved the (very) warm evening for our group run this evening, supporting St Nick’s in two of their projects.

🥥 We named, numbered and “warmed up” (we were already pretty warm) by discussing what product we’d love to be able to grow on demand. From the exotic coconuts to the more local plums, there were also wine grapes and other such pleasures.

✌️ We split into two groups and here’s what Ed had to say about the Millennium Fields gang:

🐝 We arrived at the task and split into 2 groups. Mitch and Max were on raking duties whilst Claire, Charlotte and Laura got to grips with digging over the compost, with Ed splitting his time between the 2. Whilst Mitch and Max introduced a dance routine to their raking, the diggers were doing a dance of their own to ward off the wasps and mosquitos. Unfortunately the goodgym crew proved just too tasty and ended up with a fair few bites and even a wasp sting to show for all their hard work. Dan and Joanna arrived and soon got stuck into the raking before our time was up and we headed back for a brief fitness session.

🐠 Meanwhile, at “the fishy triangle“ (blame Dom for that particular nickname), we were met by Jonathan who’d already got stuck in with the digging. We were provided with spades (except for Vicky who got lucky and got a fork) and similar got digging. Our task was to dig out the weeds that were persisting. The plan is for this area to be woodchipped and for wildflowers to be planted there, to create a lovely low-maintenance area.

🌺 Jonathan also gave us some good news about the new wildflower area at the top of Millennium Fields that we dug/turned the turf for. Apparently it looks lovely now and the bees love it, which is great news.

🦟 The lowlight of the evening was probably the bug bites that we were also subjected to - apparently GoodGymmers are just too tasty for our own good.

🤭 We all got a giggle when Paul Kelly and Amy tried to helpfully point out the soil whiskers on Vicky’s cheeks. Only to be greeted with Vicky’s bum - which cheeks?!

📸 Soon, it was time to pack all our weeds into bags (which Jonathan declined to cycle over to Fulford in this heat), take our group photo and head back towards base.

💪 We started a quick fitness session before the other group arrived, focussing on knee-strengthening (though avoiding floor-based exercises for fear of more bites). Then it was time to head back to base for a stretch before heading to the pub/home.

👏 Thanks everyone, see you again soon!

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Dom Tooze
Martin Calvert
Joanna Delgado
Laura Barrett
Charlotte Jones
Amy Woollard
Paul Kelly
Nicky Woodall
Ed Woollard
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