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11 Goodgymers helped their local community in Oxford
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Wednesday 15th May

Report written by Anwen Greenaway

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Wednesday marked a return to Orchard Triangle to help the Marston Community Gardeners. The warm wer weather has been heaven for cow parsley, and all of the young fruit trees were surrounded by head-high weed growth. Our task? De-cow parsley the fruit trees, weed a good circle around the base of each tree and mulch with a barrowful of woodchip.

Setting to work, we unearthed most of the central patch of trees - featuring figs, apples and pears. Our battle against the bitey evening midges continues, but I think we're starting to win with the new additions to our arsenal (Avon Skin so soft spray, citronella bracelets, long trousers).

Welcome to GoodGym Andy!

Session Leader
Area activator
Angus Grant
Andy Winfield-Jones
Imogen Pierce
Fred Collman
Henry Gibson
Ben Gremson
Katie Fellows
Vicky Arnold
Bethan Greenaway
Anwen Greenaway
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Boundary Brook Nature Park
🗓Wednesday 19th June 6:00pm

Path building...again

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