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Freightliner's Farm Sunday Special!
🗓Sunday 3rd December 11:30am

📍Sheringham Road N7 8PF

Islington's incredible city farm is looking for your help!

Simon FitzmauriceMichelle
Dan Dunn
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Sat 25th Nov at 8:45am

Simon's 200th parkrun (& 100th volunteer shift!) @ Mile End parkrun

Join Area Activator Simon for parkrun and coffee at The Yurt Café!

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Michelle signed up to a community mission.

Sun 3rd Dec at 11:30am

Freightliner's Farm Sunday Special!

Islington's incredible city farm is looking for your help!

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Michelle went on a group run

Wed 4th Oct at 6:45pm

Got 599 Problems, But Pulling Up A Birch Ain't One

Haringey Report written by Euclides Montes

8 Goodgymmers went on the pull tonight at the White Hart Rec Tiny Forest Project as they helped weed and prune this small sliver of green in North London.

Making The Best Forest Impressions

A warm welcome to Raj, Louise, and Michelle who joined us for their first ever GGHaringey task. They were amazing and slotted into the GGH madness without a minute of hesitation. Hope we haven't scared you away!

What is this? A forest for ants?

Michelle L, the Parks and Greenspace Volunteering Officer for Haringey Council, approached us with an invitation from Michael from the Friends of Woodside Park to come and help them look after their Tiny Forest in White Hart Rec. Needless to say, that was the kind of invitation we couldn't possibly say no to and our 8 Goodgymmers all made their way to the site on an unseasonably mild but dark October evening (mind you, one of our GGH's shared jackets made its first outing of the season as one of its unnamed regular thermosensitive customers got a bit chilly).

Anyway, once on site, we were briefed on the history of the Tiny Forest as well as the species of trees planted a year ago to create this lovely 600-trees-deep forest in the middle of the Rec. Our mission for the evening was to free up the roots of the small saplings from a multitude of weeds without pulling up any of the young trees in the dark. Hilarity ensues.

Having said that, our Goodgymmers were meticulous in their pulling and managed to spend an hour in the pitch black without pulling up any trees (full disclosure, Gramps did act as a makeshift human lamppost for the evening so it wasn't completely dark but it was certainly ill-lit at best). Or, at least, that's what we thought - until Michael from the Friends of Woodside Park started waving a young oak at us that had been pulled in error. After an emergency replanting session, we prayed to the Tiny Forest gods and are pleased to say that we think all's well.

After an hour's honest work, our Goodgymmers packed up their things, took the customary group selfie, and then set off home with a few more smiles in their pockets than when they arrived. Boom.

Join us next week for more fun and games.

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Olivia WallerCharlie LintonHarvey GallagherEuclides Montes

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Thu 5th Oct at 11:26am

That was a productive task. It really is tiny, hard to imagine 600 trees are planted there. Errm, methinks Michelle did her second task with Haringey. I'll forgive your confused mind: champagne corks?! Oh and by the way you can light up our lives with or without the post.

Euclides Montes

Thu 5th Oct at 11:52am

Alright, alright. Jeez. 🤪😅

Jack Da Silva

Mon 9th Oct at 10:18am

Really great to see this, well done everyone!


Wed 11th Oct at 8:42pm

Haha it was indeed my second task with haringey but first one with the fearless leader of Euclides!

Michelle signed up to a group run.

Wed 4th Oct at 6:45pm

New Task: Helping Out Our Local Tiny Forest

Come and join give this local space a hand

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Euclides Montes
Michelle went on a training session

Fri 29th Sep at 6:30pm

Harvest Moon Hills

Islington Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

John, Cloud, Anne and Michelle joined Coach Simon for the first of our monthly hill running sessions on Primrose Hill, Camden- some of the most substantial slopes in Central London!

We jogged together from the Pembroke Castle over to the park, before engaging in a series of endurance specific warm ups (with a focus on arms, shoulders, quads and hip flexors). Next, we took on a series of strides (easy running, gradually moving into tempo effort, and back to easy running) on flat surfaces, and then on the slopes. Our learning point for the evening was about body posture and "pushing into the gradient" when ascending and descending. We also briefly talked about the connection between arm drive and cadence- a super useful tool for efficient climbing and safe descending!

Our crew then took on Simon's "figure of 8" Kenyan Hills loop up to the Primrose Hill viewpoint, and back towards Regent's Park- a great route with excellent climbs and fun downhills. 15 minutes of total interval time for this workout, before some specific stretches and cool down efforts.

Our next session will be on Thursday 26th October, starting at the Pembroke Castle at 6.30pm-

Sign up here!


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Olivia WallerHarvey Gallagher

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Cloud (She/Her)

Fri 29th Sep at 8:52pm

Great session @simon! Thanks for leading a great session! We will see you next month!

Michelle signed up to a group run.

Mon 30th Oct at 6:45pm


A new project for Goodgym Islington! Building garden structures in Finsbury Park!

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Michelle went on a group run

Mon 25th Sep at 6:45pm

A Broom of One's Own

Islington Report written by Islington runner

After an animal-themed warm-up, nine GoodGymmers ran to the SHP to help them weed and tidy up their front gardens.

With so many volunteers, we were a little short on tools, so Dharmesh fashioned his own broom from leaves and bamboo.

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Olivia WallerHarvey GallagherCharlie Linton

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John Shirley

Mon 25th Sep at 11:20pm

Good work all

Redbridge runner

Wed 27th Sep at 10:16pm

Excellent report title 👌