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James Kerry-Barnard
James Kerry-Barnard went on a community mission

Sat 4th Mar 2023 at 10:00am

They told me to... walk that wayy

Lambeth Report written by Lambeth runner

4 Good gym-mers , plus 2 mini good gym-mers trialled, for the first time, the Slow Ways walking route from Streatham to Tooting. The walk was along some smaller residential roads and some bigger roads too. Some accessibility improvements could be made for pushchair access in the underpass however it does pass a great cafe for coffee and pastries and is a nice route for a quick access to tooting.

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YiannyJimmy Mitchinson
James Kerry-Barnard
James Kerry-Barnard signed up to a community mission.

Sat 4th Mar 2023 at 10:00am

Nicky Woodall
James Kerry-Barnard
James Kerry-Barnard went on a race

Sat 13th Jun 2020 at 7:00pm

GoodGym Virtual Games 2020

Report written by Tom Benson

Well that was something else, as the clock ticked down to 7pm I won’t lie I was a little nervous however as soon as I pressed live (and it worked, this has not always happened in practice) we were off.

So after all the prep it was show time, Saturday night, after a whirlwind 2 months from thinking it up, it went live and I have to say what a fun experience it was.

Please note, Chris has done a super job of updating the website which features all the events, all the area videos and if you fancy watching the whole thing again, bingo it’s there.

Live Show


Area videos

So in total 29 areas got involved sending in clips of their finest duvet making, tin stacking, shoe putting on, tin blowing, boat wafting, planking and jumping clips it was something else, we even had a virtual elimination 5km race, which if I don’t mind typing was extremely tense. I was bowled over by the level of entries, not only that but we also were sent loads of different area videos which feature a bit about what some of the GoodGym areas have been getting up to during these times. We even got the marching band back together to play the GoodGym Games Anthem.

All in all it was wonderful, from the commentators who provided such good commentary throughout to the participants who just got involved. I was delighted to see so many watched throughout and loved reading the comments, the aim for organising these types of things is to hopefully bring members of the community together as I think we have so many different and wonderful characters.

The overall winners of the two trophies up for grabs were GoodGym Lambeth taking the Kerry-Barnard Cup and GoodGym Haringey taking the Hunter-Sidhu Shield on the last event.

Not only did we have that going on, my inbox was full of delicious bakes and carefully crafted veg/fruit. I think the standard just keeps going up a notch through sourdough loafs to delicious cupcakes, however the winner this year in the public vote was Imogen with her winning baking creation "3 We're all having a good lime (cake)"

Craving it up on the veg side was a wonderful creation named "The Eye Test" curated by Andrea Lo. Both I’m sure we can agree were outstanding. Please see their winning creations on Here

Please note more photos from the entries will be added in the coming days.

I also do want to thank the GoodGym Games committee who have been wonderful to work with, I brought this idea to the table when the GoodGym in Oxford was postponed and together we made it into last nights show, they are deserves a massive cheer, with special mention to Mark Gilyead, who had edited more clips than I would like to say, thank you.

Thank you Aidan Padfield, Beth Hoskins, Graham Atkins, Mark Gilyead, Steph Turner and Will Dowsett. Massive cheers. Special mention also to GoodGym members John Gutteridge, Chris Howsen and Tim Wheatley for all your help putting this together also and to the wonderful GoodGym members who were the sounds for the night the comentators Steve Jenkins, Teresa Gebski, Tim Dwyer, Peter Gillibrand, James Kerry-Barnard, John Hunter, Catherine Speed and Ivo Gormley, just fantastic.

Here's a video for all the team: video

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