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Helen went on a community mission

Tue 26th Sep at 1:58pm

Common Carders!

Colchester Report written by Helen

Completed another monthly #BeeWalk for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Hardly ever seen any common carders, but today, there was loads! Set up a beewalk near you to contribute data to this brilliant research project and help save the bees!

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Bob ThompsonOlivia WallerStuTavHarvey Gallagher

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Bob Thompson

Sat 4th Nov at 10:22am


Helen went on a community mission

Mon 28th Aug at 3:08pm

Litter bit of a street clean

Colchester Report written by Helen

Quick stroll round the neighborhood, collecting litter. Lots of blackberries, must come back another day for those!

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Olivia WallerTavEm DonnachieHarvey GallagherStu
Helen went on a training session

Sat 26th Aug at 8:45am

Up and at 'em

Colchester Report written by Tav (he/him)

A cool morning, sunshine on Castle Park and a few hills to conquer. All before 10am!

Smiles, high-fives and sprint finishes all round.

5000 metres complete and 53 metres location gained to start a weekend.

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Em DonnachieOlivia WallerHarvey GallagherHelenStu
Helen went on a community mission

Wed 16th Aug at 1:02pm

Buzzing thru August

Colchester Report written by Helen

Completed August's BeeWalk for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust in Castle Park.

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Olivia WallerTavBob ThompsonEm DonnachieHarvey Gallagher

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Bob Thompson

Mon 21st Aug at 6:07pm

Raise a glass


Thu 24th Aug at 5:36pm

Cheers! 🥂

Helen went on a community mission

Sun 13th Aug at 8:40am

Little legs smash out 2km

Colchester Report written by Louise (She/her)

A bright morning for Junior Parkrun completing a weekend Community Mission double header.

There was determination, smiles, tears and that was just the parents!

See you all Wednesday!

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Bob ThompsonTavFrazerOlivia WallerHarvey Gallagher
Helen went on a group run

Wed 28th Jun at 6:45pm

It's all about that veg, bout that veg, no trouble.

Colchester Report written by Tav (he/him)

A lovely evening of chatter and gardening in Pam's company is just what Wednesdays are about! Throw in some gooseberries, strawberries and rhubarb and you have a fruity reward for the watering, chopping and weeding!

I am not sure why I thought of this title but actually it may sum up the goodgym vibe - "Cause, as Meghan Trainor sings, every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top".

The allotment is one of the urban green oasis and even with a noisy strimmer and trains, we heard a wonderful wren song and found some weird insects (maybe a 10 Spot Ladbird) or the 30 days of wild that Helen completing.

Next time at the allotment we will clear the growth around the fruit trees we planted 5 years ago!

See you at the weekend...

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TavHarvey GallagherStuFrazerHelen

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Bob Thompson

Sun 23rd Jul at 8:09pm

Run at it.

Helen went on a community mission

Thu 22nd Jun at 1:16pm

Bee-utiful Blooms

Colchester Report written by Helen

Completed a BeeWalk for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Rearranged from the weekend, as conditions were very hot then, plus thunderstorms were forecast. We saw lots of bees on the roses and lavender.

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GillTavEm DonnachieHarvey GallagherJimmy Mitchinson
Helen went on a community mission

Sun 18th Jun at 12:00pm

The Great Big Wild Weekend Walk

Colchester Report written by Stu

Three Goodgymers and two honorary members walked 3km in Cymbeline Meadows near to the City Centre. Our mission was to spend mindful time together observing, recording and enjoying our local surroundings. The Meadows are host to a wide variety of Flora and Fauna some of which we were able to identify and record. First on the list was a ‘stick’ identification task courtesy of Bonnie. It turns out you can have a big stick and a small stick which later were used to reenact the traditional Pooh sticks game from a bridge over the River Colne. At first glance the green long-grass meadow seemed bland but looking further there were at least 6 varieties of grass waving in the breeze. Looking deeper into the meadow thicket there was an explosion of colour from Bulbous Buttercups to joyous Oxeye Daisy with a carpet of Field Scabious, Cornflower and Corncockle. The hedgerows were awash with flowering Dog Rose. What a treat! Along our route we had been carefully looking out for Bumblebees. With all the meadow flowering still in bloom thankfully we saw many, mostly White-tails. Helen had brought her bee identification booklet helping us to decide which of Britain’s 24 Bumblebee species we were looking at. Standing on a footbridge over the river we all watched the intricate dancing Damselflies and Dragonflies. The electric blue flashes making our eyes flit side to side. At halfway we stopped to record a tree for the ‘Treezilla’ project. With the aid of a smartphone we were able to detail a chosen tree’s species and type, height, trunk girth, crown diameter and general health condition. We chose a Common Lime with its wonderful delicate yellow flowers. With recordings taken we set off down the farmers track and were treated to lovely birdsong. Using a bird identification app Helen and Anna were able to identify Skylark, Greater Whitethroat, Chiffchaff and Blackcap amongst many others. Frazer and Bonnie completed the wild walk with a game of Pooh sticks, I wonder who won?

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GillTavEm DonnachieStuHelenHarvey Gallagher
Helen went on a community mission

Sun 11th Jun at 8:40am

Running fun in the sun

Colchester Report written by Louise (She/her)

7 GoodGymers marshalled the 2km timed run for under 14s at Old Heath Rec. Congratulations to Em for reaching her 10th Good deed!

The coordinators were very grateful that we were there as with other running events happening on a sunny weekend they were worried their regular volunteers wouldn't be able to make it.

As always the youngsters and their parents were appreciative of all the encouragement and cheering we gave out, while also keeping everyone safe and making it a successful event.

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StuElla JeffriesOlivia WallerHarvey GallagherHelen
Helen went on a community mission

Mon 5th Jun at 8:23pm

Swanning along the river

Colchester Report written by Helen

Collected a big bag of litter to help keep the river a little cleaner for wildlife.


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Olivia WallerElla JeffriesEm DonnachieHarvey GallagherStu