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Tue 19th Dec 2023 at 6:00pm

A cracker of a festive task...

Ipswich Report written by Natalie (she/her )

Good Gym Ipswich rounded off 2023 with a task supporting Survivors in Transition painting positive affirmations on pebbles to be gifted to their clients.

Great to see many of the GG gang at this year's final Group Run. The runners tonight were Natasha, Eleanor and Leanne.

A huge thank you to those who have been supportive all year - and to the more recent and equally fabulous additions to the group - who have all helped to reactivate the area, found new task owners, spread the word and offered a helping hand to an array of charities and community groups.

Tonight was a festive affair with Christmas tunes, mince pies and an incredible hat worn by Imogen, creating enough festive cheer to turn any reluctant Christmas participants ... A shout out too to Imogen for the pun and edging towards a tremendous collective 'Race the Distance' milestone.

In addition to pebbles we also wrote affirmations in small gift bags to share with SiT clients. A lot of care and attention was taken both with the writing and the painting as it prompted a contemplative as well as joyful mood.

Looking ahead to 2024, we await the invitation to next year's choir concert Christina and Clara (winky emoji), a row in Felixstowe with Eleanor and catching up speed wise with Natasha and Leanne.

A lovely way to end 2023 so a final Christmas cheer for coming along Eleanor, Natasha, Imogen, Clara, Christina and Leanne

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