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Tue 6th Jun at 6:45pm

The Path Less Woodchipped

Ealing Report written by Sevan

You know the summer's coming when we hit double-digits of GoodGymers for a Group Run! We were really pleased to welcome Saehee for her first Good Deed and also the return of Callum from the wilderness of Edinburgh. We also had Mark, who a few of us met at a LAGER Can event on Sunday, come along to help us too.

Steph and Sevan ran to the task from Bodyline and arrived ahead of the rest of the group, meeting Trevor, his wheelbarrow and tools outside the Community Orchard. Soon the troop of walkers arrived from the Rickyard with more equipment and we were ready to go.

Trevor had 4 tasks lined up for us:

  • Continuing to move woodchip from the pile outside the orchard onto the paths inside
  • Tidying up the woodchip pile, so it didn't spill onto a nearby pavement
  • Moving some logs to become seating in the fairy circle
  • A bonus task of returning a wheelbarrow, now filled with mulch, to its owner

Most of us rotated around shovelling, moving loaded wheelbarrows into the orchard and raking to create level paths. Sevan dug out the hunks of logs hiding in the woodchip pile and these were transported in the wheelbarrows too.

By the end of the task, we'd managed to cover the whole of a hidden path at the back of the orchard with woodchip and the fairy circle too. We'd also moved some suitably sized logs to act as chairs, plus completed the bonus mulch delivery task. A great result!

After the task, we had a quick fitness blast back at the Rickyard and we surprised some unexpectedly passing workmen with our plank technique. We then decided that we'd burned off enough calories to treat ourselves at the social.

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