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Tue 23rd May 2023 at 6:30pm

Spring clean at Kingston Pantry

Kingston upon Thames Report written by Claire Dunne

It was a beautiful spring evening for a run to spring clean the food bank, this week starting at the Lamb in Surbiton.

We ran the 2.6 km up the hill to the food bank where we were doing our quarterly clean. We split up tackling the different areas - Emma and Tom went to the food store at the back cleaning the shelves and giving the area a hoover while the rest of us set about cleaning the shop area.

Dave tackled the fresh produce area and found a cucumber that had slipped down the back and was very much past its sell by date, Jade gave the fridge a good clean, Rachel cleaned the shelves for all the toiletries whilst Anna and Claire cleaned the dry goods shelves.

We all enjoyed the juice and snacks and will be back next quarter for another cleaning session. We had a spring in our step as we had a downhill 2.6km back to the start.

A big congratulations to Emma on her 10th good deed. Amazing effort!

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Rachel White