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Wine Not!

Tuesday 19th March

Written by Jonny Carter

Tonight we headed to our friends at Friends of the Earth.

Jonny and Eve ran the 2k to the task venue, whilst Annie and Amy met us at the task.

The task was to clean the alcohol and food cellar and clean the floor and wall around the fridges.

Amy and Annie did the cellar and Jonny and Eve did the floor and wall.

There was lots of wine to move in the cellar, Annie and Amy certainly had a smashing time..literally as one did end up on the floor! But that was no big deal as we could really see the difference we had made by the end of the task :)

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Annie SmithAmyEve EdwardsErica BarryNadaJames Morris

Luka what we did!

Wednesday 24th January

Written by Jonny Carter

Tonight was GoodGym Brum's 7th birthday! So we had a great task planned at The Friends of the Earth.

Anna, Eve, James and Jonny ran the 2k to the task, whilst Annie, Amy and our 2 legged friend Luka were our walkers.

On arrival it was dogs galore as we were met by the taskowner with Marcel the Dog. Luka and Marcel were soon aquainted as you can see in the pictures :)

The task was litter picking and recycling and shredding paper. Jonny and Eve did the paper stuff and James, Anna, Annie, Amy and of course Luka did the litter picking.

Once finished we had a group photo with Luka posing for a perfect picture!

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Paperwork, mopping and Scrubbing with Marcel

Wednesday 6th December 2023

Written by Jonny Carter

Tonight on a very cold evening we headed to Friends of the Earth. The 2k run got us somewhat warmer at least!

On arrival we were met by Marcel the dog (hence copious doggie pics!). Also we met our walker Annie, fresh from her India adventure.

The task was to mop and scrub a tiled floor, that was Annie, James and Jonny who got to work on that, with Marcel watching over. Ramiz and Rachel did some paper shredding upstairs.

Once done we had a group photo, followed by saying goodbye to Marcel and the team, before heading back to 1000 Trades.

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RamizRachel ClarkeJames MorrisAmyMiriam

Helping our Friends of the Earth!

Wednesday 15th November 2023

Written by Jonny Carter

Tonight's task was to help out at the lovely charity The Friends of the Earth.

The runners were Jonny, James and Rachel, with the walkers Miriam, Amy and Sofeen joining us at the task.

We were welcomed by a nice sign on the door before Karen gave us our tasks to do. It was a nice mix, with Jonny doing some vacuuming, Miriam and Amy painting and then James, Rachel and Sofeen did the outdoors stuff, which was sweeping, tidying and litter picking.

We spent a good half an hour or so and got plenty done, Miriam taking plenty of pictures.

Once done the walkers headed off and the runners ran the 2k back to 1000 Trades, making it a nice 4k run in total :)

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Jonny CarterRachel ClarkeEve Edwards

Friends of Friends of the Earth!

Thursday 10th August 2023

Written by Jonny Carter

On a lovely warm, sunny if somewhat muggy evening in Brum, 3 of us went to Friends of the Earth for a new task.

We ran through a busy city centre before arriving at the offices ready to do good.

We had a nice list of jobs left for us. Firstly it was litter picking, then weeding and tidying. Eve had a very handy phone which told us what was a weed and what wasn't.

Once done we dropped our tools off and ran back to 1000 Trades via Colmore Row to complete a very sweaty virtually 5k distance.

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