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Food Bank Aid is a grassroots charity supporting North London Food Banks from Bushey to Tottenham and everywhere in-between. They operate in Barnet, Brent, Camden, Enfield, Haringey, Harrow, Herts and Islington which together, help around 14,000 vulnerable people including 4000 children every week. They are a community-led charity which supports all denominations and demographics.

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CloudJustine Berkovitz


Friday 15th December 2023

Written by Cloud (She/Her)

What a way to end the last Food Bank Aid volunteering shift of the year!

It's clearly getting closer to Xmas as the Food hub was full to the bream with donations!

Justine was volunteering at the Food Bank Aid hub for the first thyme and has done an eggcelent job sorting out all the donations and supermarket deliveries. You would think she is done it all her life! She Veni, vidi, vici since she walked through that door!

It's bean non-stop today from 3.30pm until 5pm! Cloud & Justine were joint with 13 other keen volunteers!

The buzz and the pace was electrifying today! We sorted out presents, wrapping paper, xmas puddings, chocolate boxes and 100s of other items that will be sent to local food banks next week.

The Food Bank Aid supports over 14000 people each week, 4000 of those are children.

We will be posting more missions to the Food Bank Aid hub in the NY, keep an eye on the calendar!

keep up the great work GGers!

Peas & Loaf

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BarnetCommunity mission

Maniac afternoon at the food bank!

Sunday 3rd December 2023

Written by Cloud (She/Her)

Simone and Claudia met at the Food Bank Aid this afternoon and spent few hours helping out organise all the food deliveries.

We were joined by another Food Bank volunteer and the three of us worked none stop to complete what seemed like an impossible task.

We got there and there were food bags and Sainsbury’s and Tesco crates everywhere. Have a look at the before and after pictures.

The team did a cracking job!

Keep up the great work.

Peas & loaf GGers!

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BarnetCommunity mission
CloudLaura Cheek

Jelly good afternoon!

Thursday 30th November 2023

Written by Cloud (She/Her)

Loads to do today at the food bank!

Laura Creek and Cloud spent an hour an a half at the hub today. We have unloaded a couple of supermarket cages full of milk, jelly, washing up liquid and beans.

Never a dull day at the bank!

Peace & loaf

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BarnetCommunity mission
CloudLaura CheekValeria Rodriguez

Non-stop endurance training at the Food Bank Aid!

Friday 24th November 2023

Written by Cloud (She/Her)

The weather is turnip cold and it was grape to have an indoor mission this afternoon!

Valeria, Laura and Cloud lemonstrated to be in full form with a non-stop volunteering shift from 3.30 to 5pm !

Disclosure; The volunteers were offered a T break halfway through but were so determined that answered back with a "lettuce get on with it!" ... so, beet it, then!

Today's task was to unload two full pallets containing a variety of supplies; washing up liquid, shampoo, deodorants, instant soup, tofu... it seemed impossible at the beginning of the shift but we got it done in no thyme

Valeria and Cloud stayed behind for a quick cuppa and a catch up with the Food Bank Aid volunteers.

Fantastic work today! Remember, that you can sign up for the next week on Thursday or Sunday (this is a group run!).

Keep up the grape work GGers!

peas & loaf

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BarnetCommunity mission

Sweet afternoon !

Friday 27th October 2023

Written by Cloud (She/Her)

Alefiyah and Cloud met at the Food Bank Aid this afternoon for an hour of food weight lifting (cheaper than a gym membership!)

Firstly, lettuce give Alefiyah a big shout out! she has joined GoodGym this month and this week alone has already completed 3 good deeds!

This afternoon we have tidied up the over flow area, moving crates of peas, carrots, peanut butter.... you name it!

The sweetest moment though has come when we have sorted out all the sugar! check out how happy Alefiyah looks!

Grape job, today!

Peas & Loaf GooDGymmers

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BarnetCommunity mission
CloudAntonioKirsten Shoraka

Smart Sunday at the food bank !

Sunday 1st October 2023

Written by Cloud (She/Her)

We have done our first GoodGym Sunday session at the Food Bank Aid in North Finchley since they changed Saturdays for Sundays.

Kirsten, Antonio and Cloud have joined 4 other Food Bank Aid volunteers today. Initially, it seemed that Kirsten started on the wrong food (see picture) but oh my! she did a grape job stacking jars, packets of flour counting eggs!

It's now the second thyme that Antonio joins us, and he is getting so confident with the task at hand, that he turniped up in pretty smart clothes. He moved crates and crates of flour, sugar, ketchup, potatoes and by the end of it, his trousers and shirt still looking fabulous! Quite smart this guy! Well done!

Big shout out to Kirsten who has recently had a minor foot surgery but didn't let this stop her from volunteering! We have given her suitable tasks to adapt her reduced mobility which doesn't mean easy: she was in charged of counting and packing 180 eggs ...she could have easily bean walking on egg shells with that foot!

Thank you for stopping your sunday afternoon to come out to support such a good cause! Kidneys goes a long way and unfortunately there are loads of families in north london that benefit from this great charity!

Keep up the grape work volunteers !

Peas & Loaf

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