Blue Cross Suffolk

A rehoming centre for cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small furry animals
Take in animals that can no longer be looked after by their current owners, give the animals comprehensive veterinary and behavioural care, and rehome to new owners

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NatalieNatasha KerryRachel McMahonImogen

This time, it's fur real....

Monday 22nd April

Written by Natalie (she/her )

You can tell by the quality of the pun that Imogen was back Good Gyming tonight!

Tonight we headed back to Blue Cross animal centre and were warmly greeted by site manager, Charles.

Despite it not yet being balmy weather, the lighter evening made being outside a joy.

We got stuck in cleaning moss, Bruce tackled the drains - three wheelbarrows full of leaves and unidentified brown specimens- and you still couldn't see the bottom!

Imogen made the signage brand new armed with soapy water and broom. Positively gleaming now.

All in all, a job well done!

And wait for it: we actually saw something furry! On our fifth visit, we got introduced to gorgeous Poppy! 1 runner and 2 cyclists departed with slightly melted hearts...

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IpswichGroup run
NatalieNatasha KerryPippa Shaw

Cabin in the woofs...

Monday 5th February

Written by Natalie (she/her )

The hill that leads up to Blue Hill certainly makes itself known, especially if it hasn't been tackled in a while. One for the quads...

Upon a slightly out of breath arrival, Natasha and I were greeted by Pippa and David who had walked and diged flying golf balls on the way from the nearby golf club!

Tracey soon set us work on 'the cabin' situated in the grounds. Due to be repainted soon, we ensured it was prepped and ready by giving it a thorough clean.

Couldn't resist the family- photo with the giant teddy bear before we departed.... can we insist on seeing something truly fluffy next time?

Thanks for the pun Pippa... one of my faves to date.

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NataliePaul HorneKerry Buckley

One plant sending us (re)potty

Monday 4th December 2023

Written by Natalie (she/her )

A big welcome back to Kerry who officially took part in his 101st Good Gym task! It was a group of three tonight with Paul giving us a practical and sartorial lesson in neon green. ,*adds to Christmas wish list *

Anyway, back to the task in hand. We made our way to Blue Cross animal rehoming centre tonight to help repot some plants.

The centre was full of festive cheer with decorations and a tree up and Tracey gave us some expert instruction on repotting.

All was going smoothly until one plant seemed VERY comfortable in its current pot. It took all four of us pondering the physics of how it could be extracted without harming it before Kerry managed to successfully extricate it.

Many shouts of "branch" accompanied the run home as we navigated a dark road with multiple thorny branches. If only some of the branches could borrow some hi -vis ...

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IpswichGroup run
NatalieNatasha KerryImogen

"Dirty Laundry Here"....Watch out Mrs Hinch, this was a cinch

Monday 6th November 2023

Written by Natalie (she/her )

We headed back to Blue Cross Animal rehoming centre tonight to get our blue gloves. Our job tonight was to clean and tidy the laundry, complete with the biggest washing machines known to man.

Natashaand Imogen made their way up the long hill there whilst Lucy also met us there.

Sweeping, tidying, mopping, cleaning and hoovering .. we stopped short of colour coding / grading the extensive towel collection. Some great shimying too from Imogen on the towels - a new, highly covetable technique for drying floors.

A great job well done and rewarded with the down hill run home. 7km banked, which for some of us, is pretty damn useful... 😉

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IpswichGroup run
NatalieNatasha Kerry
Leanne NixonLucyCarmen Ortiz

A slight change of plan - making the staffroom spick and span

Monday 25th September 2023

Written by Natalie (she/her )

A great turn out at Good Gym Ipswich tonight on one of the hillier routes, too.

Welcome to first time Good Gymers Leanne and Carmen- great to meet you! And welcome back Bruce and Imogen after the Summer break. Fantastic to have you back.

One long hill completed the run to reach Blue Cross Animal Rehoming Centre but we were rewarded by a warm welcome by Tracey who has everything prepped for us to get going. Due to light levels there was a change of task and we set about cleaning the foyer and staff room. Floors were mopped and hoovered, surfaces cleaned, fridges wiped down. With so many busy hands we made light work of it and got the job done with ease. Talking of light, there definitely has been a change in season as it was much darker on the way back. More hi-vis needed!

Great work gang and note for next time : leave five extra minutes and glimpse something cute and fluffy....

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NatalieNatasha KerryClara LourencoChristina Savva

It’s raining, it’s pawing….

Saturday 5th August 2023

Written by Natalie (she/her )

It would have been very easy for excuses to be made today as the weather in Ipswich has been woeful. Non-stop torrential rain...But thats where the GoodGym team spirit works it magic.

Natasha and Natalie braved the onslaught of rain, attempted to dodge puddles before realising this war on water was not one they could win. Resistance was futile so just keep running!

They met Christina and Clara at Blue Cross Rehoming Centre and were greeted with towels and a rather adorable litter of puppies which might just have made Tash's heart melt.

Quickly they got to work cleaning the appointment rooms and reception area leaving it refreshed and sparkling.

Extra hat tip to Natasha for running back too! What a hero!

We are all looking forward to heading back to help again. But for now, time for a hot bath!

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