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We did a Stella Job!

Thursday 22nd February

Written by Jonny Carter

Tonight, 5 GoodGymers got to work on some litter picking around the Jewellery Quarter.

We filled a bag full of rubbish, with James finding a stella box, hence the pun!

Once the task was done we headed on a run of around 4k, only a pretty baltic evening, Ramiz certainly warmed up on the run, stripping down to just a t-shirt!

Once done, it was time to get back in the warmth as a few of the group stopped for some post run refreshments :)

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MiriamMorwenna KearnsAriful Islam

Can Good Run!

Tuesday 30th January

Written by Miriam

Tonight myself, Laura, Morwenna and Ramiz tried out the new local running club. We met a little earlier for a litter pick and collected a bags worth of rubbish in around 15 minutes! Then we did a 5K with the CanEat running group. It was so cool to be join this amazing group and we all pushed ourselves up a very long hill!

Back to the bar afterwards for cups of tea and excellent chats.

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Jonny CarterJames MorrisMorwenna KearnsRamizEve Edwards


Thursday 18th January

Written by Jonny Carter

On a freeeeezing night 4 GoodGymers got to work with a litter pick around the Jewellery Quarter. With the cold weather we cut it a little shorter then usual so that we could get warmed up by running!

We dropped the litter pickers off at 1k Trades and headed on a 2k run down to Millenium Point for some Fartlek training.

With Fartlek being a Swedish term it was quite appropriate with the cold weather.

We did 10 minutes of Fartlek using a mixture of 15, 30, 45 second and 1 minute efforts. The effort everyone put in meant we got sweaty, yet still quite cold, though we didn't quite create a sweatsicle! Though it felt cold enough for one!

Once done, we ran 2k back to base, this time though the weary legs had to go uphill! And that was that, just over 6k in total :)

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RamizJames MorrisAriful IslamArsalan JilaniLiamAmy

Merry Christmas GoodGym Brum!

Wednesday 13th December 2023

Written by Jonny Carter

GoodGym Brum had their annual Christmas bash. Firstly though we did a bit of litter picking around 1000 Trades.

Once done we walked up to Cathedral Square, were we joined in the festivities at the Christmas market.

Thanks to all who came and have a very happy Christmas :)

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Jonny CarterAmy SummersJames Morris

Faffing about with Fartlek!

Wednesday 22nd November 2023

Written by Jonny Carter

Tonight GG Brum were focusing on a good running session, though of course first we did a bit of good. We headed around the streets of the Jewellery Quarter armed with a bag and a couple of litter pickers to clear up the streets. Once we had done our good deed we headed back to 1000 Trades to disarm ourselves of litter pickers before heading out on our run.

We ran 2k to Millenium Point, before doing some Fartlek, yep that's a Swedish term meaning 'play with speed'. James and Amy certainly did that, putting in a good shift of 10 minutes, including a mix of different timed efforts from as little as 10 seconds, to really get the legs turning over up to 1 minute, to help build more of that endurance engine! Once done both were pretty understandably tired, so we took a nice easy run back.

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James MorrisBalal QureshiAmy Summers


Thursday 14th September 2023

Written by Jonny Carter

Amy and James met at 6pm and did a litter pick around St Paul's Square and then we all joined COBS for a 8k run, thankfully the rain stayed away :)

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