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Summer Holidays Abroad

Sunday 16th June

Written by Slough runner

I haven't been able to visit Mrs J in a while so I was really glad when I saw her in good spirits on Sunday and the weather held up to be really sunny and shiny day. She was telling me about the visits from the other Goodgymers from Maidenhead which was brilliant to hear she was in great company!

We quickly got chatting and the conversation led to us chatting about past holidays, of which Mrs J and her sister went to Italy and Austria for 2 weeks. Back then everything was done via train and they weren't as fast as modern trains are now so part of the holiday was enjoying the train rides to/from the destinations. She mentioned about all the delicious food (and cheap she added) that they enjoyed in both areas. After that Mrs J was feeling a bit tired and wanted to rest so I left saying we could continue chatting about her exciting adventures abroad the next time I come to visit her.

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Helping out at All Saints School Fete

Saturday 15th June

Written by Jess Smith

Angela and Jess helped out at the All Saints school Fete this afternoon. Luckily the rain held off as Jess was outside helping with the Beanbag toss and Hook-a-Duck. Lots of children showed their skill and won sweeties!

Angela was inside helping with the craft section! There were lots of sparkly crowns to been seen!

It was lovely to see so many children and their families enjoying the day.

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Samuel Tucker

Raising the curtain

Saturday 15th June

Written by Samuel Tucker

Neither Mrs D nor her husband were able to mount steps to change their lounge curtain. It didn't take long to unhook the old, give the windows a quick clean then re-hang the replacement. I then left the happy couple to enjoy watching the Trooping the Colour celebration.

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Chicks Weed and Pooed at the Allotment

Friday 14th June

Written by Jess Smith

4 Goodgym chicks met at the allotment to tackle one of the raised beds.

They needed to know the difference between radishes and celeriac and weeds and carrots! They started by removing all the chickweed and other unwanted visitors from the raised bed to prepare the area for planting.

Once the bed was cleared Gillian and Jess collected horse manure from the compost bin whilst Angela and Amy spread it around the bed. Then Amy and Jess lugged the topsoil bags over and this was spread over the top. They had to carefully negotiate the already planted carrots and lettuce to ensure they had enough space to grow.

With the bed prepared, it was time to tuck in some celeriac plants. They were small seedlings and needed some gentle handling as they were poked into the soil. Finally everything got a healthy watering with some added garlic to keep the slugs off.

After a nosy around the garden to see what has changed and what was growing the team set off for home looking forward to the next visit to see the fruits of their labours!

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Windsor Super Troopers!

Thursday 13th June

Written by Mandy Driver

Thursday 6:15pm is GoodGym Windsor Night! 👑🏃‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️

Tonight we were back helping Age Concern at The Spencer Denney Centre painting the walls in the lobby and doing a bit in the garden.

Who stole summer? Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie 🎶 us some sunshine please! It’s was a grim day and rain was due so we opted in our group chat vote for painting indoors.

We all met at the centre tonight (some walked or by car)and while waiting for everyone to join we played with the baseball in a circle not sure what the name of the game 🎶 was. Still it kept us entertained.

Task owner Rachel had the brushes and paint at the ready and showed us what needed doing.

Special welcome to Nic for her first Windsor 👑Thursday evening session 👏🏻 and Didem has now completed 10 good deeds with today being her 11th so well done Didem. 🤩

The crew tonight were Helen, Marilyn, Natalia, Jen, Sue, Nic, Caroline , Didem and Mandy.

We cleared the lobby area, got set up with dust cloths, chose our preferred brushes and a section of wall.

ABBA was Didem’s choice of tunes tonight although we did seem to get take a chance on me 🎶 on repeat 🤣 but thank you for the music 🎶 anyway!

Sue and Marilyn decided to be brave and did some garden tidying instead of painting and cleaned the garden furniture in case the sun does ever decide to show itself 🙏🏻 and the guests can sit outside.

The others literally finished up all the paint supplies… Mumma Mia 🎶 ! So then one buy one after tidying up and washing brushes in the Waterloo 🎶 we all ended up in the garden anyway … so much for the vote 🤣 still it wasn’t too bad. Most of the rain was coming off the leaves of the tree in the wind.

Not letting anyone go early Mandy put on a quick 10 min Joe Wicks fitness video and we had a go at what we could without a mat.

Then it was time to do our group photo… sorry I missed Helen in this 🥲 then did our Windsor curtsy and say our goodbyes.

Thank you all so much for coming lovely to see you all and some new faces these last couple of weeks 😍

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Wednesday club!

Wednesday 12th June

Written by Amy L (she/her)

This evening we took our Wednesday club (aka the Maidenhead GoodGym group run) to the Mencap Society's Wednesday club to help with some gardening.

We met up at our home from home, the Maidenhead Community Centre, which is only a short walk from Highview Centre, the home of not only Mencap, but also the Alzheimer's Society and other community organisations.

Sheila led the majority of the group, who were walking, and I was joined by runners Adam and Jess. We did a warm up and a lap of Kidwells before chasing after the walkers. With tired legs following Endure 24 I'm sorry to say we didn't catch them!

When we arrived at Highview Centre the walkers had already been greeted by task owner Colin and members of the Wednesday Club and they were getting stuck into the task - cutting back overgrown shrubs, pulling up weeds and battling brambles in the back garden.

I nipped out to find Ben, who had opted to meet us at the task, and even in the short time I was out the gardeners made great progress.

Ben joined Adam working in the front garden and they did an amazing job cutting things back and clearing weeds, including loads of bindweed.

This was the first time we've helped at Highview during a Mencap Wednesday club session and it was lovely to see the venue in use and to meet some of the members. There was a real buzz in the room as the members played games, did crafts and enjoyed a disco.

It was a lovely sociable evening, catching up with old friends and welcoming back newer members Caroline and Viv. While we worked we were treated to delicious home made Victoria sponge and cups of tea. We will be sure to return soon, as we have been invited to help paint 6 benches. Can't wait!

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