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Nivi Bhide
Nivi Bhide went on a community mission

Mon 20th Jun at 9:48pm


Windsor and Maidenhead Report written by Nivi Bhide

We had a'lotta' fun at the Boyne Hill Allotment this evening watering the thirsty vegetable patches.

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Amy Lovell

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Mark Brocklehurst

Fri 24th Jun at 3:40pm

Great job!

Nivi Bhide
Nivi Bhide went on a group run

Wed 26th Jan at 6:45pm

We had Allotta fun between the sheds and we even made the bed

Windsor and Maidenhead Report written by Amy Lovell (she/her)

This evening we returned to one of our favourite task locations - the Maidenhead Community Allotment. We started outside the Windsor Castle pub with a warm welcome to Clara for her first group run, and a chat about sports events that led to the revelation that Juli once ran a race with Mo Farah!

The runners and walkers then headed to the task via different routes, sucessfully hurdling speed bumps and arriving at the allotment within moments of each other. Thanks to Jess for back-marking the running group and Juli for walk-leading.

The original to do list for the evening included weeding and digging over two raised beds and clearing some leaves and litter. Weed did it all pretty quickly. Manure hands made light (and aromatic!) work of the beds and Steve did a rubbish job in the car park (in a good way), collecting a heap of cans, bottles and cigarette butts.

Luckily I had anticipated weed need more to do and contacted our task owner Sue, who provided two more jobs. First up re-planting of a tipsy Cavolo Nero, which Ruth righted in no time, and then digging in a new bed between the two sheds. Sue suggested this would be hard work and might take several sessions. Now there's a challenge we couldn't resist!

Georgeta and Clara did the design work and then got stuck in around the perimeter with a spade and fork. I was next to join this cutting edge team, and then the Tiller Girls arrived and before long we were working together like a well choreographed dance troupe. Turf was flying, Steve was cheering, Georgeta was running back and forth wheely fast with the wheelbarrow, and we managed to remove all the turf.

More work will be needed to prepare the ground for the potatoes that will grow there in the Spring, but we really had fun between the sheds and we are so proud to have made the bed.

To finish and warm up I took everyone to the really c-hilly spot at the top of Punt Hill and invited them to run up and down it and do a ton of squats, jumping jacks and a plank. Incredibly they all stepped to it with smiles on their faces and still had energy to spare for the run/walk home.

Today was the deadline for this community mission, where GoodGymers were invited to create green hearts to be part of a window display for climate awareness. It is always good to see friends on GoodGym sessions, but this evening was made even more special by a handful of them literally giving me their hearts.

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Sheila Attenborough

Thu 27th Jan at 1:21pm

Great work, everyone, and an entertaining report, as ever

Windsor and Maidenhead runner

Thu 27th Jan at 5:16pm

Another great report Amy.

Nivi Bhide
Nivi Bhide went on a community mission

Wed 26th Jan at 12:00pm

Showing our love for the environment

Windsor and Maidenhead Report written by Amy Lovell (she/her)

We really enjoyed getting creative for this community mission! We were invited to make green hearts for a window display in Windsor Yards, joining forces with other local groups to promote climate awareness and sustainability. The project was part of a national initiative run by the Climate Coalition ahead of Valentine's Day. You can read more about it by clicking here.

We made the hearts in our own time and then ran, walked or cycled to deliver the hearts to Area Activator Amy. Amy felt very loved as beautiful hearts kept appearing on her doorstep. She even got a lovely one in the post from Samia in Kingston. It had been cut from a magazine or newspaper and had green tree branches reaching in towards a patch of blue sky.

The hearts showcased a fabulous array of crafting techniques, from collage and crochet to applique, weaving and painting. They were made from recycled materials including things like a compost bag, bottle tops, carboard, real leaves and a National Trust magazine, and many featured the GoodGym logo.

A huge thank you to Sheila, who cycled to deliver our big bundle of hearts to task owner Claire from Wild Eton Wick.

The hearts didn't get displayed in Windsor Yards in the end, but instead have been on tour! First they went to a climate symposium at Eton College. Then they went to a presentation by Wild Eton Wick at a meeting of the RBWM 'Wild' groups. We hear they might be headed to Windsor library soon...

Well done to everyone who put their heart into this green activity 💚💚💚💚

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Nivi Bhide
Nivi Bhide signed up to a group run.

Wed 26th Jan at 6:45pm

Allotta fun at Maidenhead Community Allotment

Run or walk and support this wonderful local resource

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Sheila AttenboroughAmy Lovell
Nivi Bhide
Nivi Bhide went on a community mission

Sat 22nd Jan at 8:45am

Going into Battle(mead) with the weeds

Windsor and Maidenhead Report written by Amy Lovell (she/her)

I always look forward to community missions with Friends of Maidenhead Waterways (FoMW), and this morning's did not disappoint. Here are all the things that made me ex-streamly happy this morning:

  • A sociable bike ride to the task with Sheila and Georgeta
  • The ridiculous yet liberating feeling of putting on a pair of waders
  • The lovely setting of Battlemead Common
  • Great company from dream stream team Anita, Georgeta, Nivi, Sheila, Paul and our brilliant leader Tony
  • Introducing (still miraculously Dry) Paul to the joy of wading
  • An array of long tools for us all to play with
  • Plenty of comedy moments where people nearly went swimming
  • Some admirable displays of balance and strength - especially from Georgeta when she was working on the henceforth named Georgeta Island
  • Seeing how much Sheila, Georgeta, Nivi and Anita all enjoyed their first FoMW session
  • All the talk about titivating and/or titillating the weeds. Incidentally the dictionary definitions are quite different! Titivate means to make minor adjustments to, whilst titillate means to cause to feel pleasantly excited...
  • Hot coffee supplied by Ian, who was leading another group nearby - thank you Ian!
  • Anita's heavenly home made sesame chikki and her offer of seconds (and thirds and fourths)
  • Being immersed in nature and all the squelchy mud
  • The fact that the weeds we were tackling today were particularly stubborn, but we defeated them anyway
  • Seeing the water starting to move as we cleared weeds and debris, and knowing that it was on it's way to fill up the town centre streams
  • Another lovely bike ride back home, clocking up a few more kms for the January Challenge
  • The hot shower and roast dinner, which felt sublime after a January morning spent outside

We've said it before and we'll say it again... Waterway to spend a Saturday morning!

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Windsor and Maidenhead runner

Sat 22nd Jan at 11:32pm

Great report as always Amy! It made me laugh (a lot)! 🤩

Amy Lovell
Amy Lovell (she/her)

Sat 22nd Jan at 11:34pm

Thanks Georgeta! Really was a pleasure working with you all this morning x

Anita Singh

Sun 23rd Jan at 10:52am

Great report.

Kanika (she/her)

Sun 23rd Jan at 4:31pm

Sounds like a brilliant task! Well done all 👏

Nivi Bhide

Mon 24th Jan at 9:33am

Thank you for a fund Saturday morning.. had a great time and some priceless laughs along the 'Water' way ;-)

Nivi Bhide
Nivi Bhide signed up to a community mission.

Sat 22nd Jan at 8:45am

Friends of Maidenhead Waterways work party

Help clear Maidenhead Waterways of weeds and debris

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Amy Lovell
Nivi Bhide
Nivi Bhide completed 5 good deeds with GoodGym. 🎉

Saturday 15th January

High 5

High 5

Nivi Bhide completed 5 good deeds with GoodGym.

Nivi is a now a pretty committed GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the fifth time