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Social visit for Mr T who likes cars

Mr T will feel less lonely since his wife passed away.

Diya Singh
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Diya Singh
Diya Singh (she/her) went on a community mission

Sat 2nd Mar at 10:00am

No worms were harmed in the doing of this task!

Windsor and Maidenhead Report written by Windsor and Maidenhead runner

Diya and Kanika went down the Gringer Hill to help out the lovely people of Nature's Haven. They are clearing up a much neglected space for planting a dwarf orchard. This means a lot of digging and pulling of deep rooted stumps. Just what we love!

Over two hours spent there and the effort told a story. Mostly on their own at first and then helped by Claire and Jack, the two managed to clear out a fairly large area (check out the before and after collage). It involved rescuing many worms while a very interested Robin watched on - if you listened closely you could hear her lips smack 😋. We cleared out some hefty roots and had some lovely chats along the way.

The worms were returned to the emptied bed and covered over with the soil, overseen by the Robin. We bid a jolly -ho and headed back satisfied with the morning's work.

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Diya Singh
Diya Singh (she/her) went on a community mission

Fri 1st Mar at 11:30am

Shop-ing at FoodShare

Windsor and Maidenhead Report written by Diya Singh (she/her)

We were a bit short of helpers at the Foodshare Shop today. With the regular fruits and veg section lady off on a holiday, Chris, the shop manager, gave me the free reign to stock the section as I liked. I now have a new found respect for retailers 😅

Should carrots be in the bottom bin or the top? Should the tomatoes be in the salad section or with the veggies? How many apples is too many apples? A lareg sack of potatoes with the knobbly bits had to be removed (I still haven't gotten the mud from under my nail). It's not as easy as it sounds, guys! 😅

Just another enjoyable shift at the Foodbank!

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Windsor and Maidenhead runner

Fri 1st Mar at 4:28pm

You look to have done a pretty decent job to me! Well done

Windsor and Maidenhead runner

Fri 1st Mar at 6:30pm

Looks fab! Diya, you are a pro :)

Windsor and Maidenhead runner

Sat 2nd Mar at 1:58pm

Great job, well done you! 👏

Diya Singh
Diya Singh (she/her) went on a group run

Wed 28th Feb at 6:45pm

Quad Squad Gets Stuffed

Windsor and Maidenhead Report written by Amy L (she/her)

Happy bird-day to us! This week marks 4 years since we launched GoodGym in Windsor and Maidenhead and it was brilliant to see a record number of GoodGym chicks and chaps at our celebratory group run/party. This evening's brood included 25 of us, the biggest number since launch night back in 2020.

Our evening was a fun mix of team games and an eggcellent task: filling knitted chicks and bunnies with chocolate eggs for Alexander Devine Children's Hospice Services' Easter fundraising campaign. As one GoodGymer from team 'Diya's Darlings' put it, we helped with 'reverse births for our four birthdays'!

A warm welcome to Didem and Amy, who were joining us for the first time. I warned them at the start that this 'group run' might not be 100% representative of our typical Wednesday evening, but maybe it was the perfect introduction to the weird and wonderful stuff we get up to?

There was loads of laughter, silliness and cheering, we did some walking and running round the park, we used litter pickers and hoops, hi vis and gardening gloves (in our relay game) and there was a lot of chocolate (although this time we didn't eat it as was part of the task). With many hands we blitzed the task super quick and made a difference for a local charity. There was also quite a lot of fancy dress and a healthy dose of competitive spirit.

Just a 'normal' GoodGym session then!

Something we don't normally do at GoodGym is have epic games of GoodGym themed Pictionary or 'Guess the GoodGym beneficiary' quizzes, which we did enjoy last night. However these games gave us plenty of opportunity to share stories about what we've been doing for the last 4 years, so hopefully it was a nice overview for newcomers as well as an opportunity for everyone else to reminisce.

The chick stuffing task was a cracking task, partly thanks to task owner Yazmin being so organised and bringing everything to the community centre for us, and partly because the chicks and bunnies were SO CUTE! Huge kudos to the army of skilled crafters, including a team of GoodGymers, who made these little characters.

Now you shouldn't count your chickens, but we couldn't play 'guess the number of chicks' without a count, so Yazmin and I risked it. The grand total was 356, which is worth a fantastic £1068 to the charity.

At the end of the evening I tallied up all the points from the various games and the final scoreboard read:

2 Awesome for this 30 points (although I regret not awarding Jess points for her amazing Victorian child meets washer woman fancy dress, so maybe that number should have been higher)

The Mighty Ducks 40 points

Diya's Darlings 49 points

The Regal Bunnies 58 points and the win! This team really shone in the Pictionary and pun rounds.

Having said that, I really think everyone who came along this evening (and who has contributed to our last four years) is a winner. We've now helped over 90 charities and community groups, venues and projects in our local area. We've done 5,375 good deeds in our local area, including 625 visits to isolated older people.

Winner, winner, chicken winner!

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Angela Shaw

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Windsor and Maidenhead runner

Thu 29th Feb at 12:56pm

Thanks for such a fun evening, and for being an awesome group of lovely people

Manjit Birk

Thu 29th Feb at 2:05pm

Happy birthday neighbors… well done on every you’ve achieved in the past 4 years x

Diya Singh
Diya Singh (she/her)

Thu 29th Feb at 2:37pm

Happy birthday to us! 🥳🍰🍾 I am forever thankful for this wonderful tight knit community (see what I did there?!) 🧶

Didem Campion

Thu 29th Feb at 3:25pm

Thank you for making me feel so welcome, it was great to meet you all. What a lovely bunch of people xx

Slough runner

Thu 29th Feb at 5:23pm

Great fun last night Amy, didn't expect to have to think so hard!!!

Diya Singh
Diya Singh (she/her) signed up to a mission.

Sat 2nd Mar at 2:00pm

Social visit for Mr T who likes cars

Mr T will feel less lonely since his wife passed away.

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Amy LAngela Shaw
Diya Singh
Diya Singh (she/her) signed up to a group run.

Wed 6th Mar at 6:45pm

Angela Shaw
Amy L
Diya Singh
Diya Singh (she/her) went on a mission

Thu 22nd Feb at 11:00am

Mrs. Seaweed

Windsor and Maidenhead Report written by Diya Singh (she/her)

Mr. T’s Sunday entrainment had gone well and he is looking forward to an uneventful coming week.

As we sat down with our coffees, the conversation naturally turned to the weather; what with the rain falling steadily outside. He told me his late wife struggled with rain induced inflammation of the joints so much so that her friends jokingly called her Mrs. Seaweed 😊

As always, the topics were varied and time flew by. I’m thoroughly enjoying my visits to Mr. T; it’s fast becoming my favourite weekday meeting!

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Angela Shaw
Amy L

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Amy L
Amy L (she/her)

Fri 23rd Feb at 11:07pm

I’m so glad you’re enjoying your visits. Well done Diya! X

Bristol runner

Mon 26th Feb at 11:17am

Great to hear the visits are going so well Diya!