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Tom Power has earned their community cape by completing their first community mission. Sat 8 Dec 2018

Tom completed a community mission. Instead of watching TV or lying in bed, Tom was out there making their community a better place to be. For making that choice they have earned the community cape.

Tom Power went on a community mission
Community mission

Trying to contain our excitement with the Safe Foundation Cardiff

Fri 7 Dec
Report written by Aimee Giles

Six GoodGym Cardiff runners met up on their lunch breaks to help the Safe Foundation to load a shipping container full of school supplies and furniture for it's journey to Sierra Leone. The Safe Foundation is an independent charity based in Cardiff whose aim is to help poor communities in the UK and abroad though education.Their goal is to empower people to take control of their future through development of skills, values, and attitudes. The runners arrived to an empty shipping container, a massive room filled with dozens of tables, chairs, desks, filing cabinets, and sets of drawers. We were greeted by out friendly task organiser Hannah and set to work moving the furniture outside to the container. Aimee, Ellen, Lucy, Nathan, and Mikey helped to move dozens of pieces of furniture to the container. On one trip, Aimee and Lucy wondered where Tom had ventured off to. Turns out he was recruited to the back of the shipping container to help pack all of the furniture as judiciously as possible because every foot of space counted. They must have heard about Tom's excellent tetris skills or at least observed his height and long arms. After about 2 hours, all of the furniture had been moved outside. There were a few rain showers in the process, but we were treated to an elusive triple rainbow as a reward. Hannah said that the container would arrive in Sierra Leone in about 1 month and we can't wait to see how all the supplies will be used.

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Tom Power went on a race

A barrage of laughs at the Cardiff Half Marathon

Sun 7 Oct
Report written by Benjamin Annear

Well done to everyone who took part in the Cardiff Half Marathon

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Tom Power signed up to a party

Post Cardiff Half Food and Drinks

Sun 7 Oct 13:30 pm
Big Moose Coffee Co, 4-5 Frederick Street, Cardiff, CF10 2DB
You just ran 13.1 miles or supported someone who did, you deserve a treat!

I have a table booked at Zero Degrees at 2pm following the Cardiff Half. Come along and celebrate your achievement with some food or drinks. Runners, supporters, friends - everyone is welcome!

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Tom Power went on a training session
Training session


Sun 23 Sep
Report written by Lydia

A brave group of 14 (or was it 13?!) goodgymers braved the conditions at Cardiff White Water on Sunday morning.

The idea for the Goodgym Stand Up Paddle Boarding session was floated in the heart of this summer’s heatwave... but availability meant we ended up on the River Ely on a rainy, autumnal day in the wake of Storm Bronaghs weather warnings!

After the initial challenge of tugging the soggy wetsuits on, we got stuck in to learn the basics of balancing on a board. Once we had gained some confidence in paddling we were then let loose to try some freestyling. The instructor gave us a few ideas and while Charlotte and Adam mastered headstands on the paddle-board, Welsh Dave achieved the impossible by getting stuck on his head whilst forward rolling across it! We saw some speedy paddling by Lowri and Adam in the race, Ben grasped the ‘SUP wheelie’ wheelie well and Darren demonstrated some strong doggy-paddle. As we left the water the sun came out and we were able to warm up under it’s rays and with a hot cuppa. A great time trying something new and being active with a brilliant group of people. Thanks guys! What’s next..?

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Tom Power went on a party

Having a lovely time!... Wish you were beer! 🍺😂🍻

Sun 26 Aug
Report written by Ellen

Ten GoodGym runners and friends took to the roads of Canton yesterday. Not for a run but for something much more sedate - a pub crawl! As August bank holiday weekend days go, it was pretty typical: wet, wet, wet. But that didn't dampen our spirits as we visited 6 rather varied establishments looking for some real ale and craft beer.

Typical pub shenanigans were in evidence: darts, dinner, a sing song, jenga and lost jackets, as well as a lounge singer who crooned in the style of Old Blue Eyes (not too badly either).

As this was our “practice” event for the real deal in September, we simply wanted to see how the route would go, how much time to allow, how many pints were “just enough” etc. So as we wound down shortly after last call was made, we headed home (or in search of more food!) with notes for the next one. Keep your eyes peeled for it on our events listing and Facebook page 😀

Pubs visited: Lansdowne Pub Crafty Devil Chapter St Canna's Ale House The Robin Hood Pontcanna Inn

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Tom Power went on a group run
Group run

It was a Picture perfect task at Samye! We rose🌹 to the challenge, who would have thought weed🌱 get so much done 😅🦖

Tue 21 Aug
Report written by Benjamin Annear

WOW, a whopping 27 runners turned up to Big Moose Café tonight! A remarkable number and best of all, everyone was ready to run and do some good in Cardiff - 12 First time runners this week - Well done all... do come again!

Our new meeting point is working well and everybody loves it. The staff at Big Moose always greet us with a warm welcome and many of us pop in there during the week to enjoy a coffee and their friendly hospitality. If you haven't been there yet then you moose try it out!

Our run started this week with a GoodGym intro led by Ben. He let everyone know about the three ways there are to get involved with GoodGym; 1.) Group Runs 2.) Mission Runs 3.) Coach Runs - These are the 3 fantastic ways of combining your running with doing good in the community! 😃 We then did a head count which included our name, our head count number and our favourite animal – With the amount of animals mentioned I am surprised nobody burst out into a rendition of the Lion King singing the Circle of Life... A wumba way... A wumba way! 🦁

There were LOADS of new runners this week… A HUGE welcome to Sophie, Eleanor, Katherine, Nicola, Cheng, Rhodri, Andrew, Peter, Wendi, Marion, Amanda and Sean. All new runners to GoodGym were greeted with a HUGE applause and cheers (Oh I remember the day of my first GoodGym run… nostalgia!)

A few of the runners brought friends/family members along and earned themselves ONE RED LACE (Dreams really do come true!). Well done Sean, Nicola, Cheng and Gwenni. - If I missed anyone, let me know and i'll get you a red lace!

We then played a quick warm up game of Fish and Chips before allocating back markers and then beginning our evening run.

We took the route through Bute Park, AKA Jurassic Park to get to the Samye Foundation. We saw a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Stegosaurus and a Diplodocus. We didn’t hang about though as those animals can be feisty sometimes! Ben also began playing John William’s orchestral music and it began to seem very real. 🦖🦕 Click here to listen to the Jurassic Park theme tune

We then continued our journey to the task for that evening…(Still with 27 runners, nobody got eaten by the T-Rex)

Welcome to the Samye Foundation.

Lorraine greeted all of the runners as they arrived through the gates of the Samye Foundation, directing everyone to much desired water. Lorraine then told everyone about the awesome work they try and do at the centre to help individuals who struggle with challenges to their mental health – This really motivated us to do the best we could in the allotted time.

Lorraine then informed us of our tasks for the evening. The tasks included clearing out a shed and re-organising it, pulling up weeds, breaking up old fencing, digging up soil and planting flowers, painting the outside walls and more! Are you ready for this?!? Lorraine asked. To which we replied we just fended off dinosaurs, we can do this!

  • The shed-sorter-outers were: Katherine, Mikey, Tom and Jess
  • The Picasso-painters were: Lucy, Peter, Lydia, Cheng, Marion and Gwenno
  • The dig-a-planters were: Sean, Rhodri and Andrew
  • The fence destroyers were: Aimee, Adam and Emma.
  • The fence installers were: Sean and Rhodri.
  • The weed-exterminators were: Lowri, Wendi and Sophie.
  • If I missed you out or you were doing something different then comment below and let me know!

Lowri chanced her luck with the weeding and correctly identified the weeds! Marion and Cheng both managed to get covered in paint... oh dear. Sean, Rhodri and Andrew did well working together planting a rose bush! The shed team tidied the shed beautifully! A new fence was installed behind the buddha statue, 3 outside walls got painted and loads of weeds got pulled up.

All in all the task was a huge success. Everyone ‘rose’ to the challenge and ‘dug’ deep. After we had finished Lorraine and friends at the Samye Foundation invited us in for some scrumptious snacks as a thank you for us running to help out; It was very thoughtful and many of us who couldn’t resist temptation may have suffered a stitch on the run back.

This week's pun for the run winner/s! Well done Darren and Rosie for coming up with this week’s PUN FOR THE RUN! You can take home the virtual ‘RunPunstiltskin’ award this week. Take it home, spend time with it, go to the cinema with it if you want, but just make sure you return it next week when the RunPunStiltskin award is up for grabs again.

This week's Tweet off winner is! Nathan Swain

Well done to everyone who ran with us for the first time! Llongyfarchiadau to everyone who ran with us this evening, especially those who ran with us for the first time! Davina McCall retweeted our tweet on Twitter too!

Other info:

Click here to sign up to next week - It's good exercise! :)

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Tom Power went on a group run
Group run

Just went you think you cannot expect any Tremorfa Goodgym...they Star again in another Bute of a task!

Tue 7 Aug
Report written by Benjamin Annear

On a cooler than usual Tuesday evening in Cardiff 18 runners used their running to do good in the Cardiff community by helping out at Butetown Pavilion and the STAR Hub in Tremorfa

The temperature this evening was slightly milder but the enthusiasm to do good was wilder. Runners met at Big Moose, arriving there via different modes of transportation, Rachel cycled there (so good to see you again for your second GG run!) and Adam sprinted from his home only stopping when he entered door of the café.

When it was time for our run (6.30pm) we gathered outside the café! Ben got everyone to do a warm up jog and then regroup for introductions and a headcount; A HUMUNGOUS welcome to Sophie who was running with GoodGym for the first time – It’s great to have you come along! This run also marked a milestone for both Rosie and Ben, who were celebrating 50 and 100 good deeds respectively (100 good deeds meant Ben was due to wear the rainbow wings, which he did beautifully!) (Rosie also made lemon drizzle cake to mark 50 good deeds, however it was so delicious the Ants got to it first, so instead she supplied carrot cakes and almond bites for after the run - much to the delight of the carrot cake lovers!). The warm up also included the legendary game of Fish and Chips (contrary to the name suggests you actually burn calories - I know, WHAT!?!) and stuck in the mud (Daz was on, and it was him vs the rest of GoodGym – after a minute Nathan also joined him being on – It was now the coat brothers vs all!).

Feeling warm, ready and with our hearts beating faster we were ready to go!

It was two task Tuesday this week so we had two places to help out, the Butetown Pavilion (which Ellen led) and the Star Hub community gardens in Tremorfa (which Ben led).

The 'Butetown pavilion massive' included; Lucy, Ellen, Darren, Lydia, Emma, Amy, Rosie, Tanya and Su! The 'Tremorfa Stars' were; Tom, Ben, Martin, Keira, Rosie, Sophie, Nathan, Rachel and Mikey!

What went down at the Hub!

Runners arrived at the hub after a speedy 2.2 mile run to get there. When they arrived Lewis was on hand ready to let everyone know what needed to get done in the 30 minutes allotted time. “GoodGym, it is fantastic to see you! We need your help to dig a trench for our plants. Do you think you’ll be able to help?” Encouraged by Lewis’ faith in GoodGym everyone got stuck straight in. The ground was tough because of how sunny it has been lately and dried the soil out. However, with a positive mental attitude the dry soil was no match for us and in 25 minutes the trench was dug. Nathan, Mikey and Martin also found time to do a spot of litter picking, picking up all sorts of litter from lids from butter tubs to sweety wrappers! Tom was rolling out the puns; he was clear feeling quite punacious and being a very punny guy!

Clearing the Jumanji weeds at the Pavillion

Ellen led the adventurous runners, with gloves at the ready, to Butetown Pavilion! They had an extra 0.9 mile run owing to Ben’s confusion over Grangetown and Butetown pavilion (he thought they were the same place - Doh!) When the runners arrived at the pavilion though they were weedy excited for some weeding. With their PPE on (gloves) they began pulling up all the weeds. Ellen kept everyone motivated with words of encouragement, “don’t let the weeds get the better of you GoodGym, you’ve got this!” Ellen said.

After 25 minutes the weeding was complete. It was GoodGym vs. Jumanji and GoodGym reigned victorious!

Both teams ran back at pace, 8pm was approaching fast!... Through parks, crossing roads, over walls and down slides, the route back presented many Fun challenges...

Arriving back at Big Moose it was time to warm down and then head for post run drinky poos at the Glassworks - and to eat the cakes Rosie kindly supplied... Nom Nom Nom

Join in next weeks run to Cardiff Bay where we will be promoting Cardiff Pride! Fancy dress is encouraged, bright colours and enthusiasm – We’ve got this! Click here to get signed up!

OHHH and last but not least...

  • Well done to Darren who is this weeks RunPunStiltskin champion - He came up with the title of the run report. Enjoy the virtual award, look after it and bring it next week so we can see who wins the RunPunStiltskin award next time...

  • Huge well done to Emma for winning the Tweet Off - Can anyone stop her being crowed Tweet off Champion for 2018? Keira, Martin, Lucy, Darren, Nathan, Ellen, Rosie, and all the other tweeters... the challenge is on!....

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Tom Power has completed 15 good deeds with GoodGym. Wed 18 Jul 2018

Tom has completed their 15th good deed with GoodGym

Tom Power went on a group run
Group run

I spread my wings and I learned how to fly, dug up some weeds and then said goodbye

Tue 17 Jul
Report written by Benjamin Annear

On a cool Tuesday evening 16 GoodGym runners ran to help the Samye Foundation! Getting fit, doing good – It is how we roll.

On a lovely Tuesday evening GoodGym Cardiff runners gathered at Yr Hen Lyfrgell And, for two of our runners it was a very special evening as they were celebrating their 100 good deed milestone – A huge well done to Lucy and Mikey! Now you have your wings, YOU CAN FLY! Sofia was running with GoodGym for the first time ever this evening - A MASSIVE welcome and a round of applause Clap clap clap clap clap

It was then time to begin our run. Our route took us through the wonderful iconic sights of Cardiff, including Cardiff Castle and Bute Park. We stopped in the park to do some tricep dips and press up on benches - Why? Because we love them! We were having so much fun that we even stopped to do partner single leg lunges on a street corner too.

GoodGym we have missed you!

Lorraine from Samye Foundation greeted us with a massive smile. She welcomed the runners and told everyone about the Samye Foundation. Lorraine then explained our tasks for the evening and we couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

  • Lucy, Rosie, Emma, Lydia, Aimee and Tanya got stuck into weeding.
  • Tom put a rock on a wall
  • Adam dug soil using an axe pick and planted roses with Su's assistance
  • Lowri and Darren dug a hole ready for planting flowers
  • Mikey potted and watered plants
  • Sofia, Rachel and Amy were also potting plants

In just over 20 minutes we managed to complete all the tasks we had been set - GREAT job guys :) Cheers all round

Thank you so much for all of your help. You’ve been incredible support to us and helped us make our visions for Samye a reality

It was then time to say our goodbyes to Lorraine but not before she welcomed us inside for some quiche, humous, crisps and avocado – Oh they do spoil us!

Thank you Samye for providing an awesome task. Well done everyone for getting stuck in and making a difference. Come along to GoodGym next week for some more running and doing good :)

After arriving back to Yr Hen Llyfrgell it was time for some drinkypoos at the Glassworks!

A massive thank you to GoodGym Cardiff runner Rachel Walsh. She will now be leaving us for pastures new and we wish her all the very best. She has been an asset to GoodGym since joining and she will be greatly missed.

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