Coronavirus information for GoodGym activities

Advice for anyone attending GoodGym activities

March 16, 2020

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Reviewed or updated on 15/10/20

Below is an activity status update for GoodGym activities. Due to local restrictions activities will vary depending on geographical location.

Please read this document for full guidance on what activities are happening in England and Wales.

Activity Status
Group sessions Our official group runs are on hold for the foreseeable future. For our latest guidance on group exercise, please see below.
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Community missions Community missions are being set up under in accordance with local restrictions. Community missions can be set up to support any public service, charity or community project that has a sufficiently large working area, indoor or outdoor, for people to be working 2 metres apart at all times. There is no limit on the number of people who can attend a community mission task. The rule of six does not apply to charitable or voluntary work. More than 6 people can attend a community mission but only if it is safe for them to do so and the task requires more than 6 people.
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Coach runs Face-to-face coach runs will be replaced with calls or socially distanced, outdoor visits. We are regularly reviewing the government guidance and as soon as it’s safe for all coach visits to resume, we will update all coach runners. Until then, we ask that coaches and runners either continue to keep in touch via telephone or video call, or socially-distanced, outdoor visits. More detailed guidelines can be found here
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Mission runs Missions will continue to operate during this period with enhanced safety procedures. We are working with our partners to ensure that risks are minimised and that we are able to make a contribution to supporting those who are isolated and lonely. We will aim to work more closely with partners such as the British Red Cross and hospital discharge teams to safely support those who need our help. We are aiming to carry out only the most impactful tasks or those that have little to no risk of transmitting Coronavirus. We have changed our policy to allow missions to go ahead with one runner where it is appropriate and we ask that all mission runners who are entering a mission beneficiary's home wear a mask for the duration of the mission.

Essential guidance for all participants

GoodGym runners should:

  • Only attend a task or session if they are able to do so without the need for public transport - run, walk or cycle if possible.
  • Not attend a task or session if they have any Covid-19 symptoms

Guidelines for when at a task:

  • Tools should not be shared or should cleaned between uses where possible
  • Runners should bring their own gloves suitable for the task
  • Face coverings are not mandatory for GoodGym tasks taking place outdoors including in an older person’s garden. However, you should bring one to every task as there may be situations in which you need to go inside i.e. when walking through a home/building to reach a garden or outdoor space.
  • Face coverings are mandatory for all tasks happening indoors or for when delivering food parcels and prescriptions on missions in which you are likely to get within 2 metres of the beneficiary.
  • Runners should pay particular attention to the way in and a way out of any workspace or home and take care to avoid using narrow doors, passageways and corridors simultaneously
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