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March 16, 2020

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Reviewed or updated on 27/5/20

Following the Prime Minister's announcements on the 10/5/20 affecting the lockdown in England, GoodGym's activity remains the following;

Activity Status
Group sessions Group runs are on hold for the foreseeable future. This decision has been made as these are the events at which most people gather and at which we are most at risk of spreading infection.
----------- -----------
Community missions Community missions will continue to operate with new training. Runners must complete new training before organising and attending community missions. We will aim to focus on high-impact tasks to support community services and task that have minimal risk of spreading Coronavirus.
----------- -----------
Coach runs Face-to-face coach runs will be replaced with calls. All coach runners are not doing face to face visits and visits are replaced with phone calls or video calls where possible.
----------- -----------
Mission runs Missions will continue to operate during this period with enhanced safety procedures. We are working with our partners to ensure that risks are minimised and that we are able to make a contribution to supporting those who are isolated and lonely. We will aim to work more closely with partners such as the Red Cross and Hospital Discharge Teams to safely support those who need our help. We are carrying out only urgent and impactful tasks or those that have little or no risk of transmitting Coronavirus. We have changed our policy to allow missions to go ahead with one runner where it is appropriate.

*** UPDATE - 10:00 GMT Thursday 14 May 2020 ***

*** UPDATE - 10:00 GMT Wednesday 27 April 2020 ***

We've updated the way we do community missions to accomodate for organisations who need support the most.

From now on, when you list an opportunity with an organisation in a GoodGym area runners can: - Sign up to pledge to support that cause - See what other runners have also pledged - Log a good deed against that organisation - Tag other runners in their report

We’re hoping that this way of listing is making it easier for GoodGym members to join in together to support other organisations at this time.

You can see the full list of supported organisations currently listed here.

*** UPDATE - 11.00 GMT Wednesday 20 April 2020 ***

Update on GoodGym t-shirts

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak GoodGym t-shirts are currently on hold whilst our distributer, Mailout, is shut down. Once Mailout reopens there is likely to be a long wait for t-shirts as they work through the backlog.

If you have any further questions on this topic, please email

*** UPDATE - 16.00 GMT Wednesday 15 April 2020 ***

Can a coach runner deliver to their coach?

We’ve had a few queries asking if coach runners are allowed to do deliveries if their coach needs essential food items or prescriptions picking up. We understand the need to help In this instance, please follow the below guidance:

Runners are allowed to do deliveries to their coach if they have done the Covid-19 training. We ask that you log your delivery as a community mission here to ensure we have a record of it.

Repeat delivery guidance for GoodGym runners: If you organise to do a delivery that is not through the GoodGym mission system, or for your existing GoodGym coach you should be aware of the following information.

By doing a repeat delivery you are likely to create an expectation that you will provide ongoing support to this person. This is a big commitment considering we do not yet know how long the social distancing measure will be in place. To mitigate this we suggest that you:

Set expectations Tell the person you are delivering to that they should not expect you to be delivering on a regular basis.

Maintain clear boundaries Do not help with any other tasks apart from making deliveries.

Always follow guidance As time goes on, it is important to continually implement the government guidance to limit the spread of Covid-19. Re-read your training on a regular basis and ensure you are implementing it.

*** UPDATE - 10.00 GMT Monday 12 April 2020 ***

During the Coronavirus outbreak, running responsibly is now more important than ever. In answer to the growing amount of questions on what is deemed acceptable or not when it comes to our allowed daily form of exercise, please follow the below guidance. This guidance will be updated regularly at 9:30am via our twitter page.

  • Stay local and use open spaces near to your home
  • Do not travel unnecessarily
  • Maintain a two metre distance from others
  • Run alone or with members of your household
  • Use garden space if you can
  • Wash your hands when you're back

*** UPDATE - 10.00 GMT Monday 20 March 2020 ***

The goal that we all have been working towards together, all of us at GoodGym, is happier, healthier and better connected cities. The Coronavirus is a direct challenge to all three goals of that mission. It drives us apart, it risks our health and it dampens our spirits. In these times, when we can no longer meet in groups we have to redefine what we do to meet this challenge.

Over this time we will be focusing our attention on providing essential support to vulnerable people during this crisis and supporting the organisations and people that provide this support. To do so safely we've made some changes to missions and community missions and produced new training to support it. To start helping on Monday, we all need to do this training.

What does this mean in practice?

Missions will now focus on safe food delivery to isolated people who are most in need during the coronavirus outbreak and supporting hospital discharge teams.

Community missions will focus on supporting the organisations that provide essential support to services, including the health and care systems and foodbanks.

We will be working with Local Authorities, the Red Cross and other partners. We are not sure of how many referrals we will receive but we know the demand is high so the more of us that complete the training the better. Missions are likely to be in higher demand initially. I encourage you to take this training and to follow its rules very carefully. By doing so we can prepare to make a difference to people in very difficult circumstances over the coming months. Alongside this we will be aiming to set ourselves a fitness challenge over the next few months to keep us active.

The training is now available on the website and can be completed here

*** UPDATE - 15.09 GMT Monday 16 March 2020 ***

Following extensive research, consultation with our trustees and work on how GoodGym as a community can play a positive role during the Coronavirus outbreak we have reached the conclusion to make these extensive changes to our operations.

As an organisation we aim to continue to provide important social and practical support to those who are isolated and to continue providing support to community projects and voluntary organisations, but we are making significant changes to our operations to reduce the chances that we are spreading Coronavirus.

The status of our activities is being monitored daily, the current status is below:

The government advice web page is here

The NHS England advice web page is here

In addition to the information contained on the government and NHS England web pages above we advise the following:

Advice to people going to GoodGym community missions

  • Do not attend a GoodGym group session if you are feeling unwell
  • Wash your hands soap before leaving to attend the session
  • Wash your hands with soap when arriving at the start location for group runs
  • If possible wash your hands with soap when arriving at the task location for community missions
  • Bring tissues with you to all sessions
  • If you need to cough or sneeze do so into a tissue and throw the tissue immediately into a bin
  • If you do not have a tissue cough or sneeze into your elbow. Do not use your hands.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, mouth or nose with you hands

Advice to GoodGym members doing mission runs

  • Do not attend the home of an older person if you are feeling unwell
  • Bring tissues with you when you attend the home of an older person
  • Wash your hands with soap or hand sanitiser immediately after entering the home of an older person
  • If you need to cough, do so into a tissue and throw the tissue immediately into a bin
  • If you do not have a tissue, cough into your elbow. Do not use your hands
  • Avoid touching your eyes, mouth or nose with you hands
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