Coronavirus information for GoodGym activities

Advice for anyone attending GoodGym activities

March 16, 2020

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Reviewed or updated on 27/01/22

England and Wales have restrictions in place which are impacting on GoodGym activities. Please see our full guidance for details of what activities are taking place in your area at the moment.

Below is the general status for our activities across England and Wales.

Activity Status
Group sessions Group runs and community missions are happening in all areas. In person group sessions are being listed in all areas. Caps on numbers may be in place for some activities to reduce the spread of infection. GoodGymers are able to self-log any good deed completed personally away from hosted sessions.
----------- -----------
Coach runs Coach visits are happening in all areas Coach visits (regular social visits to older people) can happen in person if both the GoodGymer and the coach are comfortable with this. Alternatively they can be replaced by phone or video call. More detailed guidelines can be found here
----------- -----------
Mission runs Missions are happening in all areas. Missions are happening in all areas where we are receiving referrals. We have changed our policy to allow missions to go ahead with one GoodGymer where it is appropriate.

Essential guidance for all participants

GoodGymers must:

  • Only attend a task or session if they are able to do so without the need for public transport - run, walk or cycle if possible.
  • Not attend a task or session if they have any Covid-19 symptoms

Guidelines for when at a task:

  • Tools should not be shared or should cleaned between uses where possible
  • GoodGymers should bring their own gloves suitable for the task
  • Please continue to wear a face covering for any task happening indoors or for when delivering food parcels and prescriptions on missions in which you are likely to get within 2 metres of the beneficiary.
  • Face coverings are not required for GoodGym tasks taking place outdoors including in an older person’s garden. However, you should bring one to every task as there may be situations in which you need to go inside i.e. when walking through a home/building to reach a garden or outdoor space.
  • GoodGymers should pay particular attention to the way in and a way out of any workspace or home and take care to avoid using narrow doors, passageways and corridors simultaneously
Have your own GoodGym story to share with the community? Email and we'll be in touch.
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