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Sarah Wren went on a training session
Training session

Gimme Core (It's Britney, side stich...)

Mon 19 Apr
Report written by Julia Shmotkina

Well done to everyone for putting in fantastic effort tonight! We focused on a lot of core work with crunches, russian twists, flutter kicks, planks to mention a few... We also did some slow lunges and tricep work.

Great to see cat making an appearance for the pic;)


If you're wondering about the title - check out Britney Spear's Gimme More song on Spotify/Youtube - took me back to my 'young' years lol:)


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Mon 19 Apr
Sarah Wren went on a community mission
Community mission

Mission accompli-shed.

Mon 19 Apr
Report written by Sarah Wren

'Bridging the Gap for Autism’ had asked for help assembling a flat-pack plastic shed at their new allotment space in Sidcup.

It was the perfect day for an outdoor task with a clear blue sky and lovely warm sunshine.

Dave from the charity had already laid the base on the plot and he took the lead in the project with GoodGymers Sarah and Johnny providing extra hands.

As with many flat-pack builds, there was fair amount of discussion about which way the different panels and struts needed to go together, but Dave was well-prepared with all the tools we needed so things progressed pretty smoothly.

Sadly we had to leave after a couple of hours, so we didn't get to see the roof go on or the door being hung, but we've been invited back on Saturday to see the completed structure in all its glory.

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Sarah Wren signed up to a community mission
Community mission


Mon 19 Apr 14:00 pm
Longlands Road Allotments, Longlands Road , Sidcup , DA
Helping out people within our local community

This task is for the charity ‘Bridging the Gap for Autism’. We’re looking for two awesome Goodgymers to help with reading instructions and lend a hand if required.

The shed is for there new allotment space and is on of the final pieces to their plot.

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Sarah Wren completed a walk • Walk in Footscray Meadows
Sun 18 Apr
Sarah Wren completed a walk • Brisk walk in Danson Park
Sun 18 Apr
Sarah Wren signed up to a training session
Training session

Sassy Strength Session (virtual workout)

Mon 19 Apr 18:30 pm
Wanstead House Community Association, 21 The Green, London, E11 2NT
Get a stronger body and stronger mind

This is a slower pace all-body exercise session to build strength (no cardio here!) and designed so that we get a little bit of energy pre-dinner to finish Monday on a high . Exercises are focused on running/walking/cycling form improvement.

See you there!

Details to log in will be sent 30 - 60min before the session, please check your emails and don't be late:).

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Sarah Wren completed a training run • Morning Run
Sat 17 Apr
Fri 16 Apr
Sarah Wren went on a training session
Training session


Thu 15 Apr
Report written by Tim Dickson

So we had a delayed start but all was good in the end. Starting off with a warm up it wasn't to long before the fun began. The session was a full tabata of 20 seconds work - 10 seconds rest and yep, it burnt a tad.

  • Round One scissor crunch / Bridge pulses
  • Round 2 plank punch outs / plank elbows to hands
  • Round 3 slow bicycles / hand sliders
  • Round 4 plank kicks / reverse plank

We hoped you enjoyed it team and hopefully we'll see you at the next one, Tim

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