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Rosanna Amour has done a 6 month mission streak. Sat 19 Jun 2021

Rosanna just completed a six month streak of doing missions. That’s so many bags of garden rubbish cleared and jobs done to help someone out and put a smile on their face. Give Rosanna a cheer to encourage them to keep up the good work.

Rosanna Amour went on a community mission
Community mission
Kingston upon Thames

No time to stall: Surbiton Farmers’ Market was set up in no time

Sat 19 Jun
Report written by Zoe Anderson

Three early bird GGers caught the worm this morning! A debut mission for Craig, we kept our eyes off the pies and got straight into unloading and preparing the street dividers to keep the Market a socially distanced and orderly event. Tables set up and stalls almost ready for trading, we left the market for all of 30 minutes before returning for some local goodies! A great start to the weekend.

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Rosanna Amour has run in seven different GoodGym areas. Sat 29 May 2021

Rosanna loves to wander. Rosanna has been to seven different GoodGym areas and seen the different cultures, etiquette and style of different trainers and met hundreds of people. Rosanna is a wanderer.

Rosanna Amour went on a community mission
Community mission
Kingston upon Thames

Dugnad at the Kingston Environment Centre

Sat 29 May
Report written by Claire Dunne

What a lovely start to the bank holiday weekend with a community mission in the sun at the Kingston Environment Centre. There was a list of tasks for us to complete and we gave it a good go!

Rosanna worked in the garden sanding and painting a little bench while Claire and Silje tackled the front garden and the huge community flower bed. We weeded and swept the front and tackled trimming the grass and weeding the flowerbed.

We welcomed Silje to GoodGym and learnt that in Norway they call helping out the community ‘dugnad’.

It was great to hear how much the passers by appreciate the garden and thanks to our task owners for the tea and cookies.

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Rosanna Amour signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Balsam.... and so it begins

Mon 31 May 18:30 pm
Petersham Lodge Woods , River Lane, Richmond, TW10 7AG
Help to control the spread of this greedy weed that disrupts the biodiversity in our area

For some you will be all too familiar with Balsam Bashing and the joy that pulling it brings as well as the nettles and stings in doing so.

Every year for the last 5 GG Richmond have tackled this huge beanstalk to help control the spread of it's pollinators along our riverside and this year the council and environment agencies in our community are rallying troops to assist again and so have been in talks with us.

For those that don't know you can find out more on why we pull the balsam here

What it looks like is here

Lots of info so bear with me and I will try to catch it all.

Initially we have been asked to help at Petersham Lodge woods area here

Depending how many we have attend and how well we do and considering social distancing etc then if we can please also start to tackle Queen Elizabeth Field too! This is up from the Lodge woods but only slightly. It is the area we start on every year and is found just along from the entrance to the scouts in Petersham along the river.

Things to consider ...

Social distancing / Footwear sturdy and if wet maybe boots / gloves and definitely long sleeves and leggings / mossie repellant and some form of potential sting relief from nettles.

It is a jungle out there guys but those of you who have faced it before will know full well how satisfying the task is

Please leave what you pull in minimal piles landside. So higher piles of less stacks of balsam is the guide and to the back of landside area away from the river edge (out of sight as poss) is best.

Please note how many stacks you do make and rough height so we can feedback to the council.

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Rosanna Amour signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Kingston upon Thames

Helping with the set up and opening of a Community Market... Early birds only apply

Sat 19 Jun 07:30 am
Maple Works, 73 Maple Road, Surbiton, KT6 4AG
Help improve community spirit, tradition, and monies for local charities!

Surbiton Farmers Market is back on the table for us to help with AGAIN but boy it's early!!!

The market has been running in the community for 11 years and suffered like lots due to COVID this year. So although it is back it will be with safe social distancing guidelines but still trying to keep a community feel to it so plenty of organising and overseeing involved.

Surbiton Farmers' Market was set up by volunteers from the community for the community. Stallholders who trade at the market are business organisations but the organisation of the market itself is entirely volunteer-run and all of the surplus raised from pitch fees, etc supports local charities and good causes.

They have raised over £70,000 for charities and good causes benefitting Kingston and surrounding areas over the years.

The CM is listed as 2 hours as that is the max norm but the market will run on longer so if you do decide to stay then best liaise with market organiser on the day David. Number for the morning in case you need it is 0796 8085040.

If you just wish to help for this slot though then great as that is when they need you most.

Don't Forget that face mask ; - )

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