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Training session

New Year's walk to happy valley

Sat 1 Jan
Report written by Rachael H

Much mud as promised! A great walk to see in the new year.

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Top Tip Thursday

Thu 23 Dec

Inspired by our 2020 Book Relay, today's GoodGym Advent Calendar suggestion is to share a book recommendation or podcast fav with your fellow GoodGymers. We'll all be keen for new reading and listening material through the remaining winter months, so share your top choices.

You can comment your recommendation below, or comment on today's social media post, or put it in our GoodGym WhatsApp Group.

You could even go one step further and donate a book to one of the local 'help yourself' book shelves. There's one outside St Mary and St John Church on Cowley Road (the church next door to the Oxford Mutual Aid food bank).

Looking forward to all your recommendations!

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GOODGYM ADVENT DAY 10 - Pay it Forward!

Fri 10 Dec 23:55 pm
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Pass on the kindness

Today's Advent Calendar suggestion is to do a good deed for someone without asking for anything in return. You should be pretty well-practiced at this as a GoodGymer!

Random acts of kindness can make such a difference. You have the chance to make the world feel like a friendlier place for at least one person today; if everyone was to do the same, then just think how better our world could be.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Donate a Christmas gift to Oxford Mutual Aid or Shoebox Project.
    Children’s toys, fluffy socks, warm hats, nice toiletries, confectionary are all gratefully received. Bring your donation along to our tasks at Oxford Mutual Aid or Shoebox Project on 15th December. Daunt books are partnering with Oxford Mutual Aid, offering 10% off any book bought to go to Oxford Mutual Aid for Christmas gifts for food parcel recipients. They'll even keep it for Oxford Mutual Aid to collect to save you having to drop it off.

  • Support a business which supports the community.
    You could add some £ to your bill at Taste Tibet (109 Magdalen Road) to support their meals for the community, or support them online here. Alternatively, Waste2Taste cafe in Temple Cowley and Flo's in Florence Park collaborate on the OX4 Free Food meals. By supporting them you support free food for those who need it.

  • Bake a cake for a neighbour.

  • Compliment a stranger.

  • Phone a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to for a while.

  • Arrange a ‘friend date.’
    Everyone likes to be asked out - and there are loads of free options if money is tight. The museums are free and interesting, you could walk in one if Oxford’s beautiful parks, or meander along the Thames Path.

  • Pay for an extra coffee.
    Some of the independent cafes in Oxford have the option to buy an extra hot drink to be kept on a tab for someone who needs it.

Let me know what you do on or share your idea in the comments. Let’s spread some joy!

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Climbing crack

Thu 2 Dec
Report written by Ruth

A group of GoodGymmers scaled new heights with a Christmas social at Brookes Climb.

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Group run


Wed 1 Dec
Report written by Anwen Greenaway

Tonight's GoodGym task was "Pick own Adventure" style.

The Rules:
* Teams must be back at base by 7:30pm or points are docked.
* Teams must get at least 3 items from each list.
* Finds must be photographed as proof.
* You can go anywhere within the ring road as long as you’re back by 7:30pm.

The items to hunt down:
Crisp packet
Cigarette butt
Coffee cup (will allow just lid)
Energy drink can
Fast food wrapper
Face mask
Glass bottle
Alcohol container
Plastic bag (dog poo bag permitted)
Piece of clothing – 5 BONUS points for pants

Selfie at a GoodGym Task Location (a point for each one)
Number 48 (we were the 48th GG area)
A pictorial representation of GoodGym – get creative!
Christmas Decorations
Gold Letter box
Blue Plaque

Strategic thinking was all the rage tonight, with tactical approaches from 'run fast around lots of task locations' to 'focus on the litter', with most opting for 'just try & find ALL the things'. An impressive amount of litter was collected, many miles walked and run, numerous GG task locations and Oxford landmarks visited, and so many photos submitted as evidence that there were too many to upload to the report. I especially enjoyed the creativity shown in the 'pictorial depiction of GoodGym' - gold champagne bottles, the logo spelt out in leaves, bodies twisted into logo shapes.

Bragging rights to Samantha, Sarah, Bryony, and Dan who took the win with 25 points and a Full House of litter items and wild cards, and were also first back to base. Very efficient scavenging!

Kudos to 2nd place team Matt, Sarah, and Bethan, who made it to the most GoodGym task locations -12! - and to the 3rd place team lead by Holly who also got a Full House.

Prizes were awarded by the Lord Mayor of Oxford, although apparently he'll only make a speech if you give him advance warning.

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Matty Holder went on a community mission
Community mission

On the first day of Advent…

Wed 1 Dec
Report written by Anwen Greenaway

On the first day of advent Oxford Mutual Aid gave to us,
A list of food parcels to be packed.

Another Wednesday at the food bank:
As always we finished up the packing of food parcels for the regular recipients, then pulled together the parcels for the Emergency request list.
This week we also did a bit of restocking and reorganising to try and get bread, cakes and flour off the lower shelves, some unpacking of deliveries, and some kitchen consolidation to get the fresh produce into as few crates as possible (to create space for any further incoming deliveries).

Good work as always team!

Welcome to GoodGym Emma!

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Group run

Scavenger Hunt

Wed 1 Dec 18:15 pm
East Oxford Community Centre, 44 Princes St, Oxford, OX4 1DD
Introducing some healthy competition

On this week’s Group Run we’re introducing some healthy competition to our Good Deeds.

We’ll split you into teams at our meeting point at East Oxford Community Centre, give you the scavenger hunt challenge, and allow you an hour to complete as much as you can. You can run, walk, or cycle. May the best strategists win!

You will need a camera/smartphone per team. Gloves are advised. Everything else will be provided.

We will be allowed use of the Lounge at EOCC, which is on the right as you enter. We also have both somewhere to leave bags and access to the toilets this week.

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Matty Holder went on a group run
Group run

Masked crusaders

Wed 24 Nov
Report written by Anwen Greenaway

The John Radcliffe Hospital is the main Accident and Emergency centre for Oxfordshire, and provides acute medical and surgical services. It is the largest of Oxford's hospitals, covering around 66 acres, including the Children's Hospital, Eye Hospital, Heart Centre, Women's Centre, blood donor centre and many other services. The John Radcliffe site is home to the Oxford University Medical School and the base for most medical students who are trained throughout the Oxford University Hospitals Trust.

All this makes the hospital site very busy, with lots of footfall from students, staff, patients and visitors. And sadly, with people comes litter. The Estates team can't possibly be expected to keep such a large site litter free alongside everything else they do, so tonight we trialled a GoodGym litter pick to see if we could make a difference.

We met on the outskirts of the hospital site, briefed everyone on safety policies, divided into teams, tooled up with bags and pickers and then set off to clean up. One of our teams headed up the hill to the main entrance, another went along the path towards the blood donation centre, a 3rd team cleaned up outside the West Wing and Children's hospital, and our final team concentrated on the car parks.

Masks were the most regular find tonight.

They were the hedges, under cars, by bus stops. LOTS of cigarette butts too, and (oddly) a huge stash of cider cans in one of the car parks - did someone have a party in the car park?! Hats, hoodies and gloves were all found, but astonishingly NO PANTS. We even had a few appreciative comments and 'thank yous' from passersby.

We collected 18 large sacks of rubbish, a broken umbrella, a large box, and a folded mattress-y thing, and lugged them all off the hospital land for collection by Oxford Direct Services.

Well done everyone - the litter is an eyesore, as well as potentially dangerous, so it's great that we managed to clear up so much of it tonight.

Welcome Jane and Nora. Good to meet you both!

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Christmas 'DO' - GOODGYM ADVENT DAY 18

Sat 18 Dec 18:00 pm
The Lord Mayor's Parlour, Oxford Town Hall, Oxford, OX1 1BX
Dust off your glad rags!

It's Christmas Party time!

We will be partying in style in the Lord Mayor's Parlour, so dig out your favourite glam outfits to do the venue justice.

As a thank you for all the litter picking we do Oxford Direct Services have generously donated a sum of money which will cover the cost of a 2 course hot meal, plus mince pies. We will also provide a glass of prosecco for everyone on arrival. After that it's over to you, so bring your favourite soft or alcoholic beverage to keep your evening flowing nicely.

Please email with your dietary requirements.

PLEASE NOTE we will close sign ups for this on 12th December so that we can give numbers and dietary requirements to the caterers.
We ask that everyone does a lateral flow test before this event, and please do not attend if that is + or if you have and COVID symptoms.

Let's get dressed up and celebrate everything you've all done in the last couple of years!

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Matty Holder signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Preparing Food parcels 1.12.21

Wed 1 Dec 16:30 pm
Richard Benson Hall, 276 Cowley Rd, Oxford, OX4 1UR
At Oxford Mutual Aid food bank

We have 2 tasks tonight. This is the early shift at Oxford Mutual Aid, and there will also be a Scavenger Hunt starting at 6:-5pm at East Oxford Community Centre. It would be feasible to make it to both if you want a full evening of GoodGyming.

We will be based inside Richard Benson Hall preparing food parcels in the food bank and helping the delivery drivers load them into their cars. We will do some restocking of the shelves too if there's time.

Please wear a mask. Anwen will be at the hall from about 4pm, so feel free to turn up any time between 4pm and 4:30pm.

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