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Matthew completed a training run • 2nd holiday run
Tue 23 Nov
Matthew completed a training run • Sunday Morning Slog
Sun 21 Nov
Matthew has run a race with GoodGym for the first time. Sat 6 Nov 2021

Matthew has done their first race with GoodGym. Performing on the day is a lot of pressure; Matthew's dealt with the nerves and turned up on the day to make it happen.

Matthew went on a race

Crocky Rocks

Sat 6 Nov
Report written by Ema Quinn

Winter parkrun mornings are the best! The early start before the sun's come up, the shivering at the start line waiting for the announcements and half thinking why did I leave my warm cosy bed on a dark, cold weekend morning... and then the thrill as everyone starts running, and you're still fiddling with your strava trying to get it started at the exact split second the run (not race!) starts, through to the buzzing afterglow and endorphin release at the end with the sense of satisfaction that you've achieved something great and it's still only 10am!

Croxteth is a flat and picturesque one lap course that takes you through trees and dirt tracks, passing fields of horses and cows and back past the magnificent part Tudor / part Georgian Hall to the finish line.

On this crisp morning Matthew volunteered as a marshal and Ema as tail walker and the rest of the GoodGym crew ran. Amazing to see Steph improving in leaps knocking a whole seven minutes off her time from her very first parkrun only two month earlier, Go Steph Go!

And really lovely to see Serena back after a year away, a regular runner but her first time doing a parkrun (and cycling her way there too)

And of course Croxteth Park has a fabulous drinks and food stall in the courtyard so we stayed for hot chocolates and mince pies (why would we not!)

We do parkrun together on the first Saturday of each month, taking in a different course from across Merseyside each time. Join us for our December visit to Birkenhead parkrun on the 4th!

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Matthew signed up to a race

GoodGym Liverpool Does parkrun! (Croxteth Hall)

Sat 6 Nov 08:40 am
Croxteth Hall Country Park, Croxteth Hall Lane, Liverpool, L12 0HB
Taking part in the phenomenon that is parkrun in GoodGym team spirit!

parkrun is a free, weekly, timed 5K run happening in parks and beaches and running tracks all around the world every Saturday morning, and anyone can run, walk or volunteer at any event.

Many of you will already be active parkrun runners and volunteers, and many of you may never have gone to one before, but we thought it would be fun to have once a month GoodGym Liverpool get together to enjoy/explore the various parkruns we have in Merseyside, (and maybe even occasionally further afield for a bit of parkrun tourism). It's also a great chance to come and join in with us if you've never been to a parkrun before.

The beauty of parkrun is that it doesn't matter if you are a serious runner or have never ran before, you can do the 5K however you like (walk, hop, boogie, plod, run like billy-o), you can also volunteer to help marshal the runners round the route, scan tokens, cheer everyone on etc. So wherever you are at with fitness/desire to run you can join us and be part of GoodGym Does parkrun!

This month we will be going to Croxteth Hall parkrun

Important bits...

*If you haven't done this one before, all the information you need is on their website linked above.

*If you haven't done any parkrun before and you want to get a time for your run/walk then you will need to register with this link to get a barcode. it's free and all the information you need is on their website, but you can also ask us in the comments on this listing if you have any questions!)

*If you want to run/walk you can just sign up here so we know to look out for you

*If you want to volunteer with the Croxteth Hall parkrun team for this session then sign up here so we know to look out for you too, but you must contact the Croxteth team to to sign up with them as a volunteer for the morning and follow their instructions for meeting up for the volunteers briefing.

We'll be meeting at the front of Croxteth Hall at 8:40am to say hi together and share a warm up and walk round to the starting point ready for the 9am run.

What 3 Words Location Link

Do wear your GoodGym t-shirts (if you have one!)

Newcomers really welcome, we never leave anyone behind!!

(and yes, we know, parkrun isn't a race!!)

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Thu 4 Nov
Matthew went on a party

We (en)choired about a song and muse(ume)d about Liverpool’s history

Sat 30 Oct
Report written by Matthew

The weather was inclement to say the least when we got up Saturday morning but by 11.00am the sun was largely out as crowds gathered at The Metropolitan Cathedral. Well that's most of us, with one person deciding to go to the Anglican one.

The singers were from all sorts of different choirs including The Choir With No Name, run by our very own Ema. The Liverpool singers joined other groups in London and Glasgow and at midday all three locations sang a beautiful rendition of "Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. The aim was to send a message to the delegates in Glasgow. Job well done I say. It was very emotional and heart warming to see and hear such a beautiful sight of hundreds of people singing on the steps of the cathedral.

Then it was off to the Museum of Liverpool for most of us. One of the group decided to play hide and seek by going to the World Museum. We all finally met up in the docks and of course before we did anything had tea, cake and other assorted food.

Once re-fuelled we spent a lovely tine walking around the museum and learning all sorts about the city's past, including a fascinating section about Liverpool's links with the orient.

It was so nice to spend time not running or cleaning, or painting and having a giggle, and spending tine with some lovely people.

There are 2 more social events planned, one a trip to Williamson tunnels and the other a Christmas quiz on zoom, so we hope to see you at one of these soon.

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Matthew has joined the GoodGym Race Team. Tue 26 Oct 2021

Matthew is part of the GoodGym race team. They pledge to support those around them and the Race Team pledges to support them. Matthew is going to push themselves and achieve some extraordinary things.

Matthew completed a training run • A sporadic slow Long Covid 5k
Tue 26 Oct
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