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11 Goodgymers helped their local community in Liverpool
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Monday 18th March

Report written by Sallyann Hardwick

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Liverpool Sunflowers had asked Goodgym to help out on a task tonight. We arrived to find our instructions all set out. We love clear guidelines and Mat who had arrived first held up the instructions for us to read as we entered.

One thousand envelopes each needed to have two sunflower seeds put in and sealed.
It's one of those tasks that with 11 of us took a small amount of time, but if one person had been doing it would have taken so long. We were all congratulating ourselves on how quickly we had completed the task and how little space the thousand envelopes took up when Heetu found the second box of envelopes .... yep we had only done 500. Phew much as we love to come to Sunflowers we would have been embarrassed to have had to return having done half a job.

So task completed we left into the dark night (not long til it will be light at task end).

Welcome to Jes and Deekay on their first task look forward to seeing you again soon.

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Sunflowers Cancer Care Centre
Supporting People Living with Cancer
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Jes Chin
Liam Pritchard
Sian Phillips
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Sallyann Hardwick
Pauline Harrison
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