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Running for health not results, and trying to do good! I work a 24/7 shift pattern but come to GG Hounslow/Richmond (+others!) when I can



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Community mission

Another try at 'Weed tidy a yard...'

Sat 25 Sep 10:00 am
1A Fortescue Avenue , Twickenham , TW2 5LS
Help a charity in our borough work more efficiently and look all the brighter

RFS - Richmond Furniture Scheme https://www.rfsonline.co.uk/ is a charity in our borough and one we have started to visit again which is fantastic as they have heaps of physical tasks in store

They are hoping we can assist with a number of tasks going forward but right now they need a grand tidy up!

The main theme right now is clearing the courtyard of so many, weeds and moss etc to pave the way for further tasks to happen. They were delighted with Salwa and Monika helping so well last time but there is still heaps to do so do hurry back was the message

Lucy will be there to meet you this morning and her number for the visit is 0208 755 4665, should you need on route

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Thu 16 Sep
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Group run

Weeding, eliminating thistles and more

Wed 6 Oct 18:30 pm
Chiswick Town Hall, Heathfield Terrace, Turnham Green,, Chiswick,, W4 4JN
at Turnham Green

We're back at Turnham Green - a lovely public space that we have been helping maintain and make even more beautiful over the years.

We'll be lending a hand with the thistle problem, among other jobs, and Jan will be there to oversee and instruct.

Do bring your own gloves if you have them.

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Leticia Bessel completed a training run • Yikes
Thu 16 Sep
Leticia Bessel went on a mission

I wish their name was Clementine

Thu 16 Sep
Report written by Leticia Bessel

Mrs U wanted a pack of clementines today - sadly it seems that anything that isn't specifically an orange has been renamed "easy peeler" when they're actually various different varieties of citrus fruits. I got her easy-peeler mandarins instead, which she seemed okay with, but I wish their name was clementine*.

I managed to get most things she needed but shortages and general changes in the shops meant that a few things couldn't be found. Hopefully next time we will find her some paratha!

(*as sung by the great Sarah Jaffe)

(disclaimer - photo not actually from today, I forgot)

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Leticia Bessel signed up to a mission • Food Shopping For Mrs U
Thu 16 Sep
Wed 8 Sep
Tue 7 Sep
Leticia Bessel went on a community mission
Community mission

Supporting Chiswick Flower Market

Sun 5 Sep

Chiswick Flower market is a not-for-profit community event who have asked for our help closing down the market after it finishes. They need a hand removing signage, taking down bunting and litter picking at the site.

Bring your own gloves and sanitiser if you can, and enjoy a lovely afternoon mission outside supporting the community!

Amanda will be your point of contact, and you'll be able to find her market HQ. If you have problems finding the group, Amanda can be reached on 07943029754

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