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Keira Paupiah completed a training run • Stroll by the river
Sat 12 Jun
Keira Paupiah completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Wed 9 Jun
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Community mission

Salt Hill junior parkrun takeover

Sun 27 Jun 08:30 am
Salt Hill Park, Bath Rd, Slough , SL1 3SS
Help kids get fit

To tie in with our #runwithpride training session booked for Sunday 27th June, here is the linked community mission to help marshal for the junior parkrun that takes place every Sunday at 09:00 at Salt Hill

So we will need:

10 x marshals 1 x tailwalker 2 x timekeepers 2 x barcode scanners 2x finish tokens

Let me know what you would like to do and I’ll add you to the parkrun roster..

Let’s make it a super Sunday

All volunteers are required to be at salt hill for 08:30

Sadly no parking at the Centre anymore - plenty of parking on the side streets.

Here is the link to the Slough Pride run if you wish to sign up to that ⬇️

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Keira Paupiah completed a walk • Afternoon Walk
Thu 3 Jun
Keira Paupiah completed a walk • Evening Walk
Tue 1 Jun
Keira Paupiah completed a training run • Evening Run
Mon 24 May
Keira Paupiah went on a training session
Training session

Rickstar Rainbow and the Rickettes

Mon 24 May
Report written by Ricky Kloay

Lets start by saying that Ricky hasn't written this report....

You get 10 less burpees if you can work out who did!

The Warm-Up

Come dressed for the Andes so no need to warm up! But incase you came in proper run gear then off to the gate it was for the gentle warm up.

The Hills

I bet you're not glad the motorway bridge is open now hey! 5 Rockstar Rickstar hill reps done and off they ran to the Rugby Club

On Speed

Hey its Slough!

Next stage of fitness is to test your speed.

The RikStar says no one listened to him but we had 2 teachers in tonight so how can that be???


I spotted a few tricep dips going on. Oh the pain you will feel tomorrow!

Baby got back

After those lunges and squats you deffo will!

You're pushing it now RockStar

Back to upper body with bench push ups. Before heading back to base and cooling down.

Well done ladies (and Ricky) for braving the hail and rain for a Rikstar session

(He wont ask me to write the report again!)

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Keira Paupiah signed up to a training session
Training session

Have Pride in Slough

Sun 27 Jun 10:00 am
Salt Hill Activity Centre, Bath road, Slough, SL1 3SS
Get fit and have fun

So here is our first ‘race’ of 2021!

I say race, but you can run or walk it.

This year we will combine the Slough Half Marathon relay with the #runwithpride event.

What does this involve?

It involves choosing a mile distance (or more) from the Slough Half Marathon route and running or walking it on Sunday 27th June..... AND.... wearing something colorful for PRIDE

If you would like a medal for this event and wish to support Pride, you can sign up here ⬇️

Otherwise just sign up for this session and I’ll give you more details soon (including map of the route and your preferred mile)

We can also do a ‘takeover’ community mission of Salt hill junior parkrun on the same date (seen as we will be in the park anyway)...Here is the link to that.

So ... sign up... get your rainbows ready and I’ll chat to you soon about the details

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Keira Paupiah completed a walk • Evening Walk
Mon 10 May
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