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Sun 1 May
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Sat 30 Apr
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Wed 27 Apr
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Group run

Painting by planters

Wed 27 Apr
Report written by Sam Lefevre

It seems winter doesn't want to fade away as the dark clouds and chilly winds rolled in, five GoodGymers met at Old Spike Roastery ahead of schedule.

It was great to see Rebecca come for her first group run in a long time and Hannah making a delightful appearance after spending the last few Wednesday's training for the Ride London at the end of May. The group run was completed with Daryl and Nelly as Emma was going to meet us at the task. After a quick warm-up on the green and not the alleyway anymore, our ice-breaker question tonight was in line with International Day of Dancing, which is this coming Friday and Sam asked: What type of dance do you like, want to learn or bust out a dancing move for us?

Hannah got us going with her telling that she is learning "Swing" and a bit of "Charleston", Rebecca did ballet when she was six and Nelly likes to get going on the dancefloor with a bit of hand movements - she needs everyone to clear the dancefloor!

Insecticide by paint

Our gentle 2k run took us down the back routes of Peckham as we arrived at the end of Bellenden Road, crossed over to Peckham Library before making our way to Bells Community Centre and Gardens. Ellie was pleased to see us as we arrived slight early. There were two tasks at hand. Prepare and fill the planters or paint the walls.

Without hesitation, Nelly, Hannah and Rebecca took on the more therapeutic task of painting the outdoor graffiti wall. They had to slowly mix the paint so that the paint turned into a light green/blue-ish colour before they could apply it to the wall. Slowly and gently, they applied the paint to the wall even though one or two insects were killed in the process.

Earlier, Ellie had constructed a few more planters, so all Daryl and Emma needed to do was cut plastic sheets and staple them to the inside of the planter to make an inner lining, so it could hold the soil. As they were finishing off with the first planter (out of four), Sam decided to start filling the first wheelbarrow with the moss that we scrapped a few weeks' ago that had composted down. This acted as a base layer before adding a few wheelbarrows of top soil and then finally, one wheelbarrow load of compost. Ellie took the lead in getting all the other planters lined up as Emma and Sam continued to work in shifts to fill the planters with moss, soil and compost mixture. Daryl, at this point, had moved onto sweeping the area before helping out the girls with painting as time seemed to evaporate.

Sensing that we were so close to the end, but only had five minutes unless we didn't want to do the HIIT session, Sam chose to finish the task at hand. With an extra 10-15 minutes (and 45-50 minutes since arriving), we completed painting all the walls and filled all four planters with the soil mixture.

We were rewarded with biscuits, group photos and smiles all around before taking on the most direct route back to Old Spike Roastery to finish exactly on time - 20:30!

Thank You to all the GG-ers

A personal thanks from me to all those who came and ran tonight! We might have missed out on a 10 minute HIIT session, but at least we completed the task at hand, so thank you for bearing with me.

Thank You Ellie

GoodGym is all about getting fit and doing good! We praise the runners/cyclists/walkers who come to get fit and help out, but we often forget about our task owner. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ellie for giving us such a great task and the opportunity to see the community garden again as it's progresses slowly! Looking forward to helping out at Dawson's Heights!

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Wed 27 Apr
Hannah Gostling signed up to a group run
Group run

Group Run: Filling planters & painting @ Bells Gardens

Wed 27 Apr 18:45 pm
Old Spike Roastery, 54 Peckham Rye, London, SE15 4JR
Continue to build the foundations of this new community garden

Ellie from Arbor would love us to come back to Bells Gardens. By the time, this group run comes about they will have built a few planters and these would need to be filled with guess what? The moss and other fresh soil that we scrapped the last time we were here! It's the circle of gardening. To add to this, there will be the chance for some painting too!

New to GoodGym Southwark?

Not to worry, it can be daunting coming to your first group run, but we are so welcoming whether you're just starting out as a runner or have been running for years. We welcome all!

Here's the important information - the "Where, When and What":

📍 We meet at Old Spike Roastery in Peckham between 18:30-18:45. You can also meet us at the task: Bells Gardens, 19 Buller Close, London, SE15 6UJ at 19:10/19:15.

⌚ 18:30 (leaving at 18:45). If meeting at task, be there for 19:10/19:15. We will be back in Peckham by 20:15 (latest).

✅ There will be access to Old Spike Roastery, so you can drop your bags and use their toilets before we head out.

🏃🏃‍♀️ After a quick warm-up, we run together as a group. If there are loads of us, there will be a back marker to ensure no one is left behind. On this run, we will be running 2k there and about 1k back. Running at a medium pace to get to the task in 15-20 minutes. We will spend 45 minutes doing the tasks mentioned above (or as much as we can) before running back to finish by 20:15.

Advisable: Bring your gardening gloves 🧤 for the task.

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Hannah Gostling completed a ride • Morning Ride
Tue 26 Apr
Hannah Gostling completed a ride • big fat cycle!!!
Sun 24 Apr
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Sat 23 Apr
Hannah Gostling completed a training run • Morning Run
Sat 16 Apr
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